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A council is a group of people who come together to consult, deliberate, or make decisions. A council may function as a legislature, especially at a town, city or county/shire level, but most legislative bodies at the state/provincial or national level are not considered councils. At such levels, there may be no separate executive branch, and the council may effectively represent the entire government. A board of directors might also be denoted as a council. A committee might also be denoted as a council, though a committee is generally a subordinate body composed of members of a larger body, while a council may not be. Because many schools have a student council, the council is the form of governance with which many people are likely to have their first experience as electors or participants.
A member of a council may be referred to as a councillor or councilperson, or by the gender-specific titles of councilman and councilwoman.

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  1. J

    NSW Parking fine [in the zone, but past the sign???] Sydney NSW Council trap?!

    I have recently been issued a parking fine for being deemed to have parked in a 'no parking' zone by being past a no parking sign, yet I am within the painted parking zone box? I have spoken to NSW revenue, the ones who have issued the fine and their stance is the sign is the driving factor to...
  2. C

    WA Multiple parking fines submitted then withdrawn by council

    Hi - so quick run down- in 2021 I was issued with 4 parking fines and spread out throughout the year - every single original fine had a mistake (one had a bobcat infringement, another stated the offence took place at the council next over) - basically due to medical issues I missed the court...
  3. D

    Council Parking Ticket issued while parked on private property NSW

    In August 2023 I parked my motorcycle in the Sydney CBD on Bent Street in a place where motorcycles have been parking for years. The location is adjacent to the Universities and Schools Club and is recessed from the building line. The Universities and Schools club has put signs on the building...
  4. L

    NSW Forced public access by council onto private land

    We have a small dirt road on our property that is not used by anyone else. We were recently approached by someone who wants to run mountain biking tours and asked us for access to this road. We declined as we do not want people passing through our rural property for a variety of reasons. This is...
  5. K

    NSW Suppression Orders issued by Council

    Hi, I was wanting to know if anyone has had success in seeking a suppression order with council to stop providing information to a problem neighbour. We have an approved DA and this neighbour who we have had to engage with legal counsel before over a fence ( we won) regularly writes to council...
  6. K

    NSW Has Council contravened the Privacy Act?

    We are in dispute with counci regarding our front fence and the matter is being exacerbated by our whinging neighbour who has complained non stop for 15 years. Is it a breach of privacy that the council's building inspector wrote to the neighbour in response to his complaint that the council...
  7. K

    NSW Help with neighbour, ongoing litigation

    Hi we have lived in our home for 30 years and 15 years ago a new neighbour moved in next door. In that time we have experienced ongoing harrassment, trepass, they have been warned by the police, accusations of the boundary fence encroaching 10cm on their land and ongoing malicious and vexatious...
  8. F

    QLD council libility

    i remember a while back it was talked about making council members and council staff being made personally libel for their actions rather than just sueing the council , was this ever been made into law , having a dispute over the access maintaince to my property ......the car access was blocked...
  9. F

    VIC Bill for forced clear - latrobe city council

    Hello I received by phone a call from local council a directive to trim conifers trees along a fence line. Didn't understand what the officer wanted, had to ask him twice. The directive was to trim to the property line. I have proceeded to trim the confers. On or around January 2022...
  10. M

    SA problem with council bus stop

    1 year ago council moved bus stop closer towards my driveway to make it fit between my driveway and the neighbours 2nd driveway according to new DDA requirements for handicapped persons.. The bus now stops closer to my bedroom window and new shelter is close to fence sends rainwater into my...