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    NSW Council road on private property, no easement

    Hi all, we live in a rural area and our neighbour went to market with their property, potential purchaser conducted land survey and discovered existence of road reserve across the sale property. This causes issues for seller however as a result of this (house and pool on the reserve), we...
  2. P

    NSW Council Easement - Dead and Dying Tree Removal Responsibility?

    Our local council has a 1.83m easement along one of our boundaries which is used to take storm water from the road to a creek running through our property. The easement now has dead or dying trees along its 100 odd metre length and I wish to know who is responsible for their removal. Some of...
  3. T

    NSW Dwelling in existance for 5 years cannot be ordered by council to be demolished

    Hi, I remember reading somewhere but cant find it again that if a dwelling has been built on a property that does not have approval, so long as it has been standing for 5 years it cannot be demolished and owner cannot be ordered to bring dwelling up to compliance. I then remember finding an...
  4. A

    TAS Tree neighbour issue

    Neighbour has 2 trees at edge of property next to ours. One tree dead, one shedding branches onto our land and almost dead. Each is 30-40 metres high. Five weeks of asking neighbour to remove trees due to safety issues and that we wish to build on our property but trees posing danger so cannot...
  5. S

    VIC Council - Legal to Sleep in Your Car?

    Recently, while driving I was overcome by a wave of fatigue, such that I felt unsafe to drive further. I pulled over into a vacant factory car park and had a solid nap. I was wondering whether this is legal? I often see road signs stating "Microsleeps can kill" and "Powernap now". Obviously the...
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    NSW Undisclosed easement that was never on Title Search

    I have a tricky one that I seem to be unable to find any answers to yet. Recently I've been notified by our council that there is a unidentified storm water easement running under our property that will severely effect our ability to rebuild on our property. It was only identified because our...
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    WA Dishonour fee charged by Local Council

    Hi, I pay my council rates by weekly direct debit. If ever there are insufficient funds available in the account, the council charge a $15 "dishonour fee". Together with the $10 fee charged by the bank, that's greater than 50% of the actual payment Aside from being unethical, is this legal...
  8. P

    QLD Cat Regularly Impounded by Atherton Council - Options?

    After moving house (about 2 km from former residence), our cat regularly goes walkabout and is often found at the local caravan park usually by a certain permanent resident. Sometimes he returns in 2 or 3 days, another time he was gone for three months and picked up at the Tolga pub about 9 kms...
  9. E

    NSW Delete right of footway easement favouring Lismore council

    Hi, My property and my neighbours are burdened with a right of footway favouring Lismore council. The intended purpose for this footway was development into a tourist walkway, which thankfully has been canceled as a project due to ‘significant risk’ and lack of funding. I have requested from...
  10. L

    QLD Council seizes land from developer and onsells without developing it

    Hi, I have purchased a lot and have paid for water and power to be brought in from the nearest street. Until now the council has refused to do anything about providing stormwater access or direct access from the site to a gazetted road. We have paid a few thousand for a gravel all weather access...