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  1. K

    QLD Theft from Locked Room in Share House - What to Do?

    Items are going missing from my locked room in a share house (the door is locked whenever I am not in the room-bathroom/shower/not home - always). The value well exceeds $4000. My wallet, money and clothing routinely go missing. The last time my wallet went from my work bag it was gone for a...
  2. S

    NSW Terminating Rude / Abusive / Inconsiderate Housemate NOT ON LEASE

    Hello I’m in need of URGENT advice. Basically four of us moved into a unit. Me and my boyfriend (on lease), one friend (on lease) and his twin brother (not on lease). The twin brother is a nuisance here is why: - we agreed on chores, he does NOTHING - he has a girl living with him who...
  3. B

    VIC Procedure for Evicting a Licensee

    I the tenant, moved into this house 4 years ago. The client moved in 2 months ago. I believe that I have established this client as a licensee according to this information on the Victoria Law Foundation "In considering whether the client may be a licensee it is important to obtain...
  4. L

    VIC Property Law - Landlord Faking Utility Bills?

    A landlord has given me a fraudulent payment summary where he has attempted to charge me around $80 for 1 month of water. Turns out, he changed the date on the utility bill to make me and other housemates pay for it. He tried to pass costs such as water supply or wastewater access from four...
  5. D

    QLD Evicting the family and possibly defacto partner from a property

    Hi I've been contacted by an owner who is currently living overseas to resolve a civil dispute between himself and his tenants and I was wondering what the likelihood of receiving a termination notice and warrant of possession was given the circumstances. The owner left the country...
  6. J

    VIC Incorrect Property Title Holder on Caveat - What to Do?

    Hi, My ex's mother has put a caveat on my property, listing her son/ my ex as the title holder. There is a loan agreement between his mother, who lent myself and my ex money to pay the outstanding arrears on my home loan. I was only days away from eviction by the sheriff's office. My ex...
  7. L

    SA Eviction validity No contract. Help needed

    My adult daughter has a contract to agist horses at a property. I, her mother, have had a difference of opinion with the property owner and he has verbally given eviction notice to me. I have no contract with him. Is the eviction notice against me valid¿ Can it be applied to my daughter? Complex...
  8. E

    NSW Landlord refusing to clean up unit after lead contamination

    We are renting an apartment for a 6 month lease. We moved in and about 3 weeks into the lead we requested to the agent for a child lock to be installed on the window due to safety concerns, we are informed of upcoming major renovations to remove old windows and doors of the strata unit. The...
  9. Devoted_Dadd

    QLD Ex Threatened Family Court - What to Do?

    Hello, Three years ago the ex and I broke up. When the ex left, she left to go live 4 hours away and our four (4) year old daughter was left with me "due to the stability and security and routine" that remaining with me would offer our daughter in contrast of the mother's "then"...
  10. S

    NSW Should Other Party's Lawyer Respond to My Emails?

    Hi All, My entire case is wanting my son back in Sydney so he can see his entire family. I have offered that the ex move back to Sydney and 50/50 or my son (9 years old) live with me and visit her (4 hours drive away) every 2nd weekend. My son constantly states he wants to live with me and also...