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Victimology is the study of victimization, including the psychological effects on victims, relationships between victims and offenders, the interactions between victims and the criminal justice system—that is, the police and courts, and corrections officials—and the connections between victims and other social groups and institutions, such as the media, businesses, and social movements.

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    VIC Fathers justice family false allegations

    I had a 2 week trial late last year I have 2 daughters to two mothers and they both accused me of multiple sexual assaults over the last 3 years, I was found not guilty of any of them worse 3 years of my life though, I was wonder if anyone has any evidence against DHHS I want to get at least 7...
  2. C

    NSW Perpetrator action resulting from VIS

    I was sexually assaulted by my boyfriend (now ex). I confronted him online as I did not feel comfortable doing so in person. As usual, he turned the situation into his own pity party about how he wonders if it would now be better to take his own life. Two years later, I am still dealing with the...
  3. S

    VIC Neighbour Threatening to Sue - How to Protect Ourselves?

    My family brought a rural property 7 years ago. The farm next to us have a son that is unstable. He began harassing us all after we complained to the council about the state of the road. The abuse and intimidation included endangering our lives on the road, blocking access to our property and...
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    QLD Debt and Victims of Crime - How to Clear My Credit Rating?

    Hi, I am a survivor of domestic violence. This included many types of abuse - physical, mental, financial and more I will not disclose here...... I am here in regards to the financial abuse. I am not here to lobby man against woman in regards to my personal matters or anyone else's. So a...
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    VIC Car Accident with Stolen Car with No Car Insurance - Options?

    We were in a car accident on the weekend. A man in a stolen car (his girlfriends) who tested positive to drugs and who was on his phone hit our car. Obviously he had no car insurance so we had to claim through ours. Our car insurance is going to pay out 16500 of the car is written off but we...
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    NSW National Police Check - Convictions Classed as Spent Convictions?

    Hi everyone Just wanted to ask a couple of questions in regards to a National Police Check. I was charged with a few offences about 14 years ago when I was young and stupid and have applied for a job with the Department of Justice. I had to consent to a National Police Check and a question that...
  7. C

    WA Sexual Assault - Any Recourse under Criminal Law?

    Note: I live in WA but events occurred in Victoria. I was raped when I was 9 years old by a friend of the family's son, and then my brother sexually assaulted me up until about age 13. I was awarded a measly compensatory amount (approx. $23,000) by VOCAT (the Victims of Crime Assistance...
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    NSW Assault - Claim Victims of Crime Support?

    How to claim victims of crime compensation and support following an assault?
  9. A

    WA Do Victims of Crime have to be Police Witnesses?

    Quick questions: Does a Victim of Crime have to act as a Police Witness? My son was a customer of company who was burgled - he has got his laptop back, is he a "Victim of Crime"? Can the Police Dept take a verbal statement (in their words) from a minor without having someone over 18 present...
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    VIC Victims of Crime - Still Eligible to Apply?

    If a person was a victim of sexual assault in April last year and there is a current police investigation, can the victim still be eligible to apply for a victims of crime application?