VIC Secure Airport Parking and staff stole my vehicle

Discussion in 'Australian Consumer Law Forum' started by Anthony Murray, 22 October 2019.

  1. Anthony Murray

    10 April 2018
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    Dear forum members

    My first post.

    The scenario is: I parked at a private Secured Aiport Parking organisation near Melbourne Airport. Upon our return we were told ours and 3 other vehicles were stolen during a change over in management.

    Having investigated this, the other company doesn't show on ASIC as the owner and it turns out it's a dual operation anyway, their websites both show the same address.

    Having spoken to Consumer Affairs Victoria, they say this is a breach of consumer protection (section 60).

    I have been emailing the company as advised, and they are saying that (legally) they took over the day after the theft occurred.

    My question is, do I take both organisations to VCAT to get my costs covered? What about damages, this has caused emotional distress to the entire family (especially 2 young kids).

    Thanks, Tony
  2. 457Visafraud

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    16 April 2017
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    This is a complicate matter where the scam company changes legal name to another company and keeps on doing scams, I wouldn't exclude they stole the cars.
    How did the new company know that 3 cars were stolen ho told them?
    Firstly you go to Police and make a complaint and get an investigation done.
    Secondly, if you can't find the previous company anymore, it means they do it on purpose and you can't get nothing back because legally speaking there is no business anymore nor any asset.
    Employing a Lawyer most probably will cost you more than what you can achieve.
    Sorry for what happened, anytime I go to airport I always go by taxi or shuttle and leave my car "securely" parked at my home.
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    Yes. And the directors.
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