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The Return…… (full title The Return of the Darkness and Evil) is the second studio album by Swedish extreme metal band Bathory. It was released on vinyl on 27 May 1985, through Combat Records in the US. The Return…… had a significant influence on developing the black metal and death metal genres.

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  1. P

    Resident Return Visa with criminal charges

    Hi there, Can anyone please advise the likely outcome for a permanent resident who wishes to apply for an RRV with the following scenario? "I am a permanent resident originally from the UK. I am due to reapply for my RRV. I have two Australian born children who are citizens. in the past 5...
  2. S

    VIC Private car seller refuse to return deposit

    Hi everyone, I paid a deposit of $500 wanting to purchase a car from a private seller. He now wants to sell at a higher price. I said no and asking to refund the deposit. I have been calling and texting both him and his wife but no luck. Any idea how can I get the deposit back? What is the...
  3. S

    NSW Work Cover asking for stat dec to be completed before return to work?

    I've been on work cover for the last few years, out of the blue workcover are asking for me to complete a statutory declaration to say that I've not worked since my injury claim. This came about after me mentioning I'm going to be starting a new job. Is this normal procedure? I thought that's...
  4. N

    Resident Return Visa

    Dear Members, Pls assist me and advise if i am eligible for RRV and what are my chances. I had skilled subclass visa 175 issued back in 2010, me and my wife we did together our first entry to Australia in 2011 and stayed there for 9days and returned. Later due to my wife's health condition(...
  5. S

    NSW Return to work advice

    I work 105 hours a fortnight, went on stress leave due to workplace matters ( high turnover of staff and workload). I asked to stop working every 2nd Saturday and was told it's part of my contract. They then realised they have given me the wrong contract, not only that when I originally applied...
  6. D

    VIC Return to shared parenting.

    Hello, I have 2 children with a former partner. Both children were removed from her care and placed with me 6 years ago. Now the 11-year-old wants to live with her mother again. I support this. There are no orders at all in place and the mother still has all parental rights. Can DHS punish me...
  7. R

    VIC used car purchase

    If I purchase a used car and the odometer reading is incorrect can I return for a refund
  8. M

    Return to full wages

    Hi, since 1st July we had a 10% cut of our salaries (company-wide). The management conditioned the return to full wages to hitting a certain revenue target for three months in a row. Interesting enough, the said target was not consistently achieved pre-Covid and the calculation does not take...
  9. L

    Australian dual national can not return to Australia without an Australian Passport .

    A) Must Australian citizens, who are dual nationals, use an Australian passport to exit/enter Australia? If so, I would like to know what law and Article it is. B) Isn't it enough to present a valid Foreign Passport AND the Australian Citizenship Certificate? Everywhere I see this "Australians...