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The Return…… (full title The Return of the Darkness and Evil) is the second studio album by Swedish extreme metal band Bathory. It was released on vinyl on 27 May 1985, through Combat Records in the US. The Return…… had a significant influence on developing the black metal and death metal genres.

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  1. N

    Resident Return visa for son

    Original PR of my family (self, spouse and our kids)expired in 2020 and since then I alone had applied and granted RRV till date. Upon next renewal, I wish to also apply RRV for my son who is now 16 years old, so that he can pursue studies in Australia. We are currently in India and he has not...
  2. B

    VIC Ex wont return my car

    Hi everyone. My ex partner and i got separated after being together for 3 and half years. She had 2 kids from previous relationship. Both kids lived with us. She got an intervention order against me while she had possession of my car. I had my car before our relationship started. Police keep...
  3. ksivasub

    VIC What does it mean when a Business wanted me to withdraw complaints against them and in return they give me small amount.

    Hello everyone, A real estate business owes me a significant amount, $150k. Recently, their real estate agent approached me to withdraw my complaints filed against them with government bodies. In return, the real estate business proposes to pay me a smaller amount of $50k. Upon successful...
  4. AngieO

    WA Dog - no return refund

    Purchased a dog - parents were supposed to be purebred. Upon doing tests when ready to breed the dog they turned out to be mixes, mother is a total mutt. Breeder requested future tests to be performed (subject to reimbursement) Tests confirmed dog is not what it was supposed to be. Partial...
  5. C

    NSW Return to Work Manager

    Is there any regulations, best practices or anything that I can avail myself to for help. I have been on a return to work plan for about 5 months, going really well. This was my second attempt at RTW, the first post was a humiliating experience, basically there was no stoned unturned to make...
  6. Joe047

    Resident Return Visa (RRV) visa for kids

    Hi All! Short intro: 15 years ago my family (myself, my ex-wife and my kids) were granted visas to become Australian permanent residents. We arrived in Australia all together in 2008. In 2009, we went through the divorce process and my ex left Australia with my kids, but I decided to stay...
  7. B

    NSW ADVO and Resident Return Visa

    Does an old Apprehended Domestic Violence Order need to be declared in Resident Return Visa applications, and does it impact citizenship application?
  8. R

    VIC Renter 1 year late in paying fees on vehicle, refusing to return it

    Dear forum users, I'm posting this question both in Customer and Criminal sub forums as I am not sure where the best place for it is. Feel free to moderate. My company had a spare vehicle in November 2021 and someone offered to hire it from us for, agreeing in paying $1090 a month. His...
  9. Loumlcat

    NSW Ex won't return car

    Hi my friends paid for a car for their daughter - it's registered in her name. They paid in full, the ex has not contributed any payments. He threw her out of the house they were only living together a few months, and now he will not return the car. What can my friends do? They asked for...
  10. J

    NSW Can a buyer return privately sold car?

    Just sold our cars 3 days ago and now the buyer is asking us to either help pay for the repairs or to accept the return. When the buyer came to inspect it in the evening, he did a brief check, test drove it and said he told us he would come back to buy it. He came back the next morning and...