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  1. U

    VIC False and misleading evidence VCAT settlement agreement ?

    Hi I've spoken to respondents solicitor in regards to providing a false and misleading diagram and details as part of VCAT settlement agreement .The solicitor has said the settlement agreement has been signed, so basically he's saying bad luck ?The diagram is not the same as the Engineers...
  2. R

    VIC VCAT equal opportunity case when one party is overseas

    Hi Is it possible for someone to take a case (equal opportunity case related to discrimination) to VCAT when either the party who applies or the respondent has permanently moved overseas?
  3. D

    Very delayed VCAT town planning matter response?

    I had a dispute with the council in regards to town planning submission with a hearing taking place in early September 2021. Still haven't heard back from them. Usually it suppose to take 4-6 weeks but with covid I imagine it would take a bit longer but 4 months later to hear on a hearing...
  4. A

    vcat inquiry

    Hi members please just clarify if i take a metter to vcat and in case if the matter is decided against me in VCAT, Would I be required to pay the legal cost or any other costs of the other party thnkyou
  5. Joanne Mansell

    VIC Guardianship VCAT

    Really stuck with questions of law with a VCAT application form.
  6. Joanne Mansell

    VIC Guardianship VCAT appeal?

    I have a VCAT appeal form to lodge on the 7 April. I am having difficulty with questions of law. I can’t Find a barrister. I have the grounds of appeal, however are stuck on question of law. I am truly in a mammoth bind.
  7. J

    VIC irrelevant (and prejudicial) information admitted into the case because it's part of the story. VCAT

    Hi Everyone, what's going on here? Despite my objections, irrelevant (and prejudicial) information was admitted into the case because it's "part of the story". (judge's words) Is there such thing in the Evidence act 1995? And my rebuttal evidence (material in reply) to their irrelevant evidence...
  8. J

    VIC Anshun estoppel is being used to dismiss Health Records Act claim that followed the Privacy Act claim, because they are too similar. VCAT s75.

    Hi everyone! Anshun estoppel precident is being used to dismiss Health Records Act claim that followed the Privacy Act claim, because they are too similar. VCAT s75 is in play. How do I respond to this? I have some ideas: I can show that the Health Records act is not the Privacy act and that...
  9. J

    VIC Privacy - Appealing a decision made by Tribunal

    Appeal can only be based on the question of Law. Does the question of law arise when decision-maker is driven by erroneous assumptions about the case?
  10. J

    VIC Can decision makers create their own version of events to stick the decision?

    I had some crazy experiences with the VCAT and FWC. Case is against the large company. In the reasons for the decision Member: Provides false statements. (Contradicting the evidence) Omits relevant facts. Argues the case for the respondent (makes arguments not mentioned by the respondent...