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  1. M

    VIC Breaking Lease and Applying to VCAT?

    Good evening all. I'm a landlord and have a tenant who was four months into a 12-month lease when she resigned from her existing job and took up a position on the other side of town and wanted to find a property closer to the new work location. I advised her of the impact of doing this and she...
  2. D

    VIC VCAT directions hearing

    I have a directions hearing coming up at VCAT as I am seeking damages from what was a prospective employer based on age discrimination. The company I am seeking damages from is very large and carries out recruitment drives approx. 4 times per year and employs 9-12 people each time. I am...
  3. O

    VIC FJ Holden Repair - Dispute and Enforcement of VCAT Order

    Very long story. Located my mother's old FJ Holden in 2010, badly rusted, missing parts, but repairable, over the next 6 years I accumulated parts to make the car whole, purchasing the final piece mid 2016, I then went about looking for a business to do rust repairs and paint, I was recommended...
  4. L

    Facing a VCAT hearing, please help

    I am the enduring power of attorney for my father who lives with me, I do all his banking and have every dollar accounted for, his bank details are kept secured in my cupboard, however I am being taken to VCAT to prove my fathers bank accounts by one brother who does not visit my father at my...
  5. M

    Cost for VCAT proceeding in Building Dispute

    Hi Do you know what is the rough cost for VCAT hearing for a lawyer. ? Manjith
  6. G

    VIC administrator of relatives financial and legal matters

    hi, I have been recently appointed by VCAT, administrator of a relatives financial and legal matters. This relative receives a pension. My understanding is that I need to open an account in the relatives name and then Add Power of attorney to this account so that I have full control and can pay...
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    VIC Go to VCAT to Get Payments from Online Vendor Refunded?

    I used my Bankwest credit card on an online gaming website. After a disagreement with the website, I find out that the website isn't licenced or authorised to operate in the Australian jurisdiction. If I take Bankwest to VCAT to get the payments reversed or refunded, will I have a chance?
  8. L

    VIC Guardianship and administration

    My grandmother has been assessed as having no capacity (she told the hospital she would not be participating in the assessment, so she answered childishly and very stubbornly. She is a woman who doesn't realise the consequences. The public office advocate has now appointed her guardian and...
  9. R

    VIC VCAT - Explanation of Property Title "Folio"?

    Hi there, I am a VCAT appointed administration and guardian for my cousin "Joe Blow" with disability. When his mother died with a large estate, his stepfather "John Smith" purchased a property for him with an "Estate Life" mentioned in it. My mother moved into the property in 2002 and took on...
  10. F

    VIC Final Determination by FOS - VCAT as an Option?

    Hi, I have a dispute with 1 of the big 4 banks in 2018 from a debt I had with them in 2015. The bank stated I was sent a notice that if the debt was not paid I would get a default against my name. Long story short, here's a quick summary: Bank puts default against my name. I was not living...