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    QLD Transiting through Brisbane airport with an outstanding court summons in VIC from 2008

    Hi, Title says it all. I have not been in Australia since 2008. Back then, when living in Melbourne I was told I would be issued a court summons for some unruly public behavior. I left not long after, also with some outstanding traffic fines (speeding, driving without a licence on me). Next...
  2. C

    QLD Brisbane Airport Curbside Management issue.

    Should be a simple enough question: Does the Briabane Airport Curbside Management team have the right to force me to move or give me a fine? After all, I am on the side of a public road. Not *IN* the airport.
  3. S

    QLD Claim Compensation from Etihad for 24-Hour Flight Delay?

    Hi guys, Quite new to Australia, hoping someone can guide me on this. I bought tickets from Mumbai to Townsville with stops in Abu Dhabi and Brisbane. The flight from Mumbai to Abu Dhabi for 15th January was delayed by an hour and I missed the connection flight in Abu Dhabi. I was told the...
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    QLD Voice Recording a Conversation with Staff at Brisbane Airport

    I was recently at an airport (Brisbane Airport) accompanying my father who's about to depart the country for business reasons. As the airport recently went through some renovations, the self-service system was chaotic. My father bought an e-ticket online where it specifically stated that he can...
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    VIC Bogus Claim From Redspot Car Rental?

    I rented a 2013 Nissan Almera rental car from Redspot Car Rental at Brisbane Airport on Friday 8/5/2015. Car was returned at 9am on 11/5/13. An inspection was done in my presence. After the inspection, I asked the gentleman if everything was fine and he said “yes, there are no damages so you can...