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  1. H

    NSW Issues with Used Nissan - Australian Consumer Law Recourse?

    Hi all, so, this one is a pickle. Here is the back story: I purchased a used 2013 Nissan xtrail 4WD from a private seller on 16 November 2018. Prior to purchase, I had the vehicle inspected by my mechanic, who identified a leak from the rear differential. The vehicle was (and is) still under...
  2. S

    QLD Second Hand Car from a Dealer - Legal Rights Regarding Warranty?

    Hello, My girlfriend recently bought a ute from a second hand car dealer in QLD. We had it shipped to our house and supposedly everything was fine. They had a vehicle inspection on the car - everything came back positive, told us there were no issues with the car whatsoever. We've had it for...
  3. W

    NSW Car Insurance Claim Dispute - What to Do?

    I hit a car (Nissan 370Z, 2009 year car) from behind on 21/5/18 on Old Windsor Rd, Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768. I’m not insured and the car I hit is insured by GIO. On 29/5/18, I replied a phone call from the car insurance and admitted that I hit the car, but they didn’t tell me how much it will...
  4. HLP

    QLD Easement - Parking in Front of Property?

    Hi, in advance i will inform this thread is quite long but I would very much appreciate some legal help and assistance for this issue. I live in a townhouse which is one of three buildings in the estate we live at the end of an L shaped easement, where there is one house on each point of...
  5. Charlie1984

    Faulty Head Gasket in Car - Australian Consumer Law?

    Hi there, I bought a car Nissan xtrail 2003 from a dealer mechanic on the Gold Coast, after 2 months and 2,000 km the head gasket blew. Seller doesn't want to know anything about the issue. I paid 3,500 aud and it had 204,000 km when I bought it. Can I claim something in relation of the...
  6. Marzik89

    Lemon car from dealership

    12 weeks ago I purchased a 2005 Nissan Xtrail from a used car dealership in the ACT (I live in NSW). All looked ok and it came with a 12 month extended warranty so I wasn't worried about the age of the vehicle or the 200,000kms on it. A week after purchase I had a nasty phone call from the owner...
  7. T

    VIC Lemon Car - Can I Demand a Refund or Replacement?

    I bought a Nissan X Trail 2007 model 2 weeks ago at a dealership and I am having issues already. 2 days after buying it, it broke down on me and wouldn't start up. It started up again after I left it to cool down. I took it back to the dealer and he said it's just the thermostat and will...
  8. K

    ACT File Against Seller in Small Claims Tribunal?

    Sorry in advance for the long form. I bought a car from a private seller in Sydney, went and test drove the car. While test driving the car and after, I asked the seller about how the car was mechanically. He told it runs good and never ran into problems with it. During the test drive of the...
  9. I

    QLD Dealership Sold Faulty Car - My Rights Under Australian Consumer Law?

    Just financed a car from a dealer. An hour after getting it out of the lot, a radiated hose burst (apparently a common problem for Nissan patrol). The mechanic said it was a mess under there. Two weeks later, booked her in for an oil change. My mechanic just let me drive it out as he says it's...
  10. K

    VIC Faulty New Nissan Pathfinder - What to Do Under Australian Consumer Law?

    I purchased a New Nissan Pathfinder in March 2014 In May 2014, when the vehicle had 3,675 kilometres on the odometer. I made my first report about a transmission shudder that had developed and was intermittently occurring under normal driving conditions. Unfortunately, the issue did not...