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In law, a legal person is any person or 'thing' (less ambiguously, any legal entity) that can do the things an everyday person can usually do in law – such as enter into contracts, sue and be sued, own property, and so on. The reason for the term "legal person" is that some legal persons are not people: companies and corporations are "persons" legally speaking (they can legally do most of the things an ordinary person can do), but they are clearly not people in the ordinary sense.
There are therefore two kinds of legal entities: human and non-human. In law, a human person is called a natural person (sometimes also a physical person), and a non-human person is called a juridical person (sometimes also a juridic, juristic, artificial, legal, or fictitious person, Latin: persona ficta).
Juridical persons are entities such as corporations, firms (in some jurisdictions), and many government agencies. They are treated in law as if they were persons.While natural persons acquire legal personality "naturally", simply by being born (or before that, in some jurisdictions), juridical persons must have legal personality conferred on them by some "unnatural", legal process, and it is for this reason that they are sometimes called "artificial" persons. In the most common case (incorporating a business), legal personality is usually acquired by registration with a government agency set up for the purpose. In other cases it may be by primary legislation: an example is the Charity Commission in the UK. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16 advocates for the provision of legal identity for all, including birth registration by 2030 as part of the 2030 Agenda.As legal personality is a prerequisite to legal capacity (the ability of any legal person to amend (enter into, transfer, etc.) rights and obligations), it is a prerequisite for an international organization to be able to sign international treaties in its own name.
The term "legal person" can be ambiguous because it is often used as a synonym of terms that refer only to non-human legal entities, specifically in contradistinction to "natural person".

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  1. Valerie Kerr

    ACT Body Corporate Parking

    I own an apartment in Canberra with two underground car parking spots. Immediately above is my downstairs neighbour who lives in the ground floor apartment with a tiled courtyard and a small patch of garden. The complex follows the guidelines set out by Icon Water whereby only hand watering of...
  2. DerekPi

    QLD Body Corporate Seeking Legal Costs - Late Payment

    Hi All, I am in QLD and have an apartment for investment here. I forgot to pay my body corporate contribution fees. There were definitely no reminders sent to me. Exactly 1 month later, the body corporate issued me with an invoice of $2000 to pay for recovery costs as they instructed a lawyer...
  3. Ted Sherwood

    ACT Changing a light bulb on body corporate land

    We have a laneway that is a Body Corporate (Community Title Act, ACT law). It has bollard lights. We know how to turn the power off to the lights, unscrew the old bulb and insert a new one. Is this breaking the law, i.e. does it have to be done by a licensed electrician?
  4. H

    VIC Threat of Wheel Clamping in Visitor Park

    Hi I see my sister regularly at her apartment complex and sometimes stay for up to a few days at a time. I have been receiving notes from other tenants 'reminding' me that I am in a visitor park, and have been threatened by a tenant that 'body corporate said I am likely to have my car...
  5. anycolouryoulike

    Dispute with body Corporate about servicing of roller shutter gates

    Hi, I habe the following case: An incident happened where a car drove to the Underground Carpark of a semi commercial/residential building. While driving through, the gate came down and got damaged. Only minor damage on the car. The car owner claims the roller shutters are faulty and because...
  6. C

    NSW Body corporate incurring debt

    I have had body corporates incurring debt in my name for works in my units without consulting me and then making out I owe them money. Most of it is really whacky stuff they cant even explain. I do not live at either property. Can they incur debt in my name without my authority
  7. philip_rhoades

    If a tenant continues to ignore NSW noise laws and Body Corporate By-laws, who is then responsible? - the unit owner or the real estate agent?

    People, I think there is not much more to add to the Subject except that it is not possible for another resident to take local court action unless the full name of the offensive person is known - which in this case it is not - and the real-estate agent refuses to supply the name due to privacy...
  8. M

    Body Corporate- Repairs/Issues

    Needing some guidance in regards to our rights as owners of a holiday unit managed by body corporate who we pay a $5000 yearly fee. Our Unit is a holiday rental that is managed by a local property management agency. We have had a reoccurring leaks, caused by rain, that our body corporate have...
  9. waikit

    VIC Body Corporate demanding fly screen down.

    Hi, I am asking on behalf of my auntie. My auntie had installed a fly screen facing out side her main entrance. She lives in an apartment with body corporate. Her body corporate demanding her to take it down for reason being "did not have pre-approval from the board and the fly screen apparently...
  10. N

    QLD Body corporate stickered my car

    I was visiting a friend down the gold coast and after having a polite conversation with the property manager yesterday I parked my car out on the street. My car was parked with 2 wheels on the nature strip ( I know it's not allowed but it is a narrow road and bin day, plus there was other cars...