Debt Collecting in Other Countries - How?

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30 April 2014
Hi, our cooperative, since it was agreed on comp.protocol in 1994, to be paid dividends from IPv4 sales by my design under the banner of Chronolabs which ICANN agreed to uphold IANA to it hasn't been deliver to us yet on the agreed date 12-08-2008 when this was desensitized in Australia by DSD Corp.

We have written an API to track the debt at:

Any recommendation on how to collect them?


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25 April 2014
You should be aware that different countries have different statutes of limitation and you might be out of time or close to being out of time to make a claim if the issue occurred in 2008. It might be wise to get onto debt collection as soon as possible.

I did a search online and a company that came up was Atradius Collections that does local and global debt collections and has an International Debt Collection Handbook. Have a look at the Handbook and you could perhaps discuss with or engage them in relation to debt collection. is America’s Debt Help Organisation and had information on the Debt Collection Process in the US.