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Debt collection is the process of pursuing payments of debts owed by individuals or businesses. An organization that specializes in debt collection is known as a collection agency or debt collector. Most collection agencies operate as agents of creditors and collect debts for a fee or percentage of the total amount owed.

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  1. Reza1991

    VIC Pay dispute and debt collectors

    Hi forum! I’m new here. But I would really appreciate your expertise and legal advice regarding the following situation. I was an independent contractor that was let go from the old job. Because I didn’t want to receive a pay cut. Once I left I didn’t receive my last months pay because they...
  2. S

    Letters from debt collector on behalf of Insurance company

    My partner accidentally banged her car on our garage door while reversing the car. This happened early July. We are renting out the apartment. We informed the real estate agent, they organized the garage door replacement thru Strata. We were never asked to pay for the damage/ door...
  3. B

    QLD What do we do

    Hi, so my husband recently applied for a loan through our Broker , the broker Check the credit file Everything is great for my Husband to apply for the loan with no issues, Now When the broker submitted the paperwork to the bank the bank has come back and said there is a default on the credit...
  4. H

    NSW CSA debt successfully garnishing superannuation?

    Hello, Would anyone have any advise on attempting to take ones superannuation as an “asset” for unpaid CSA debt? Especially in a case were they pay $35 per fortnight as of recently which stops CSA taking assets. However this is on top of the fact CSA have never found anything in his name, his...
  5. S

    VIC Debt Collectors Chasing Me for Deceased Brother's Debt?

    Hi, I have recently been contacted by a debt collector trying to recover a credit card debt my brother had. My brother was not born in Australia. We grew up in Australia, but he moved to Malaysia about 12 years ago, and has lived there since. He did have an Australian bank account and credit...
  6. K

    NSW Debt collectors. Chasing old debt

    Hi. I need an advise regarding a court judgement on my credit file put in by credit corp company that im not aware of as i havent received any legal docs they advised me that they've delivered in on the address they have on file which is not correct. I requested for documents to be sent to my...
  7. 8

    QLD Debt Collectors Chasing Me for Ex's Debts?

    Hi everyone and anyone, I'm desperate for some help. My ex fiancé gifted a car to me in 2014 and I sold it in 2016 when he left me, abandoned with nothing... I had an outstanding dental bill in France that he made me start but still have not finished. The defamation court case against his wife...
  8. E

    VIC Helping friend for debt

    I have a question about the debt collector whom admit that they are the current collector to the former creditor(anz) First of all my friend is in Victoria, got a phone call from a debt collector saying that he owes money to ANZ, and demand him some payment, because he was at work, he just...
  9. amy p

    QLD Debt Collectors Chasing Brother for Private School Fees?

    My brother has a daughter who goes to a private school & is unable to pay the school fees because he has filed bankruptcy. Now the mother has sent debt collectors after him, saying he has 7 days to pay. He pays his child support so doesn't that cover school fees? He has seen his daughter...
  10. M

    QLD Company Used Undergoing Liquidation - What are Debtor's Rights?

    Good afternoon! A company we used to use has gone into liquidation. We received from the liquidator some of invoices which we have been asked to pay (We were never invoiced apparently). I have no problem paying the invoices if we do owe them. I have requested proof of supply to which they have...