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A partnership is an arrangement where parties, known as business partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. The partners in a partnership may be individuals, businesses, interest-based organizations, schools, governments or combinations. Organizations may partner to increase the likelihood of each achieving their mission and to amplify their reach. A partnership may result in issuing and holding equity or may be only governed by a contract.

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  1. Jackkolson

    VIC Any kind of clause for a Partnership Agreement ensure my partners pull their weight?

    Hi Everyone, [Background] I have started a business that i've been running over the past few months and it's been growing well with a very unique product in a big market, to the point where it has attracted an investor. The investor is also in the same industry and has the same sales channels...
  2. K

    Shares percentage for foreigners. (non Australian residents )

    Hi, I am from Pakistan, few years ago one of my Australian client offered me business partnership, he was my client, and i was giving him web development services. He worked with me few months as partner then he suggested me lets start new company name to get more business and the name I will...
  3. F

    SA Rights to Property When Partner Died Without a Will?

    History to Date I’m not sure where to start but I guess the beginning would be the best place. Firstly, I guess I’m looking for advice on several different things. 1. The estate of my late fiancé. 2. The family partnership between C and myself. (C and F Degenhardt) 3...
  4. LMV44

    NSW Divorce application question

    I own 50% shares in a business with the person I'm divorcing from. It was setup before we were married. We aren't on bad terms, and we've agreed to keep equal ownership of it. Do I need to do anything about this in regards to the divorce application? I was told by others I'd need to attend a...
  5. MacDeveer

    NSW Ending Business Partnership and Partner Changed Locks?

    I decided to end my business partnership with my partner and the next day she changed the locks on me (only her name was on the commercial lease, but the landlord knew that we were partners). We have a written agreement which says that at any time, any one of us could ask to leave. In which case...
  6. V

    QLD Winding up a Business Partnership?

    I've been operating a shop with a business partner for around 6 months. Unfortunately it's not worked out as we have turned out to be irreparable incompatible. She wants to now buy out my share of the partnership and I am happy to sell. However in the meantime she expects me to continue to...
  7. L

    Business partnership Buyout

    If I receive a buyout figure to leave a business partnership which I accept.. can I lodge a claim against my business partner for lost drawings we had a 50 / 50 profit split agreement but I received 35000 less than my partner over the last two and a half years.
  8. R

    ACT Need more understanding of AUS laws re: partnership agreements

    Hi there, I need more information with regards to a partnership agreement that I signed with an Australian last year. As I am an US citizen, I am not familiar with the AUS law. The summary version is this: we signed a written agreement stating that we would both have 40% equity in a company...
  9. S

    WA Partnership Business Structure

    Commencing a new business and need advise on if there is a way to structure business so any 'active' hours for customers that are completed by each business partner, they are entitled to the share of 'active' hours they have completed, but also share the profits from subcontractors and any other...
  10. H

    WA Business Partnership Fallout - What to Do?

    I've been in a business partnership for 14yrs with no agreement in place; just two brothers taking over a business and distributing 50/50. The initial funds to buy it plus stock, etc., was from our parents. Relationship has broken down and I've have been forced out of the business and no longer...