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  1. M

    NSW Executor denied access to property by caravan park owner before and after probate

    Major caravan park owner continues to deny access to a cabin
  2. L

    Purchase of caravan in private sale

    Hi, My husband and I paid a deposit on a caravan (private sale via of $2800 after viewing the van via a video call. We were assured that there was no water damage after we specifically said that we were looking for a van with no damage, and after travelling 800km to...
  3. F

    SA Rights to Property When Partner Died Without a Will?

    History to Date I’m not sure where to start but I guess the beginning would be the best place. Firstly, I guess I’m looking for advice on several different things. 1. The estate of my late fiancé. 2. The family partnership between C and myself. (C and F Degenhardt) 3...
  4. P

    QLD Cat Regularly Impounded by Atherton Council - Options?

    After moving house (about 2 km from former residence), our cat regularly goes walkabout and is often found at the local caravan park usually by a certain permanent resident. Sometimes he returns in 2 or 3 days, another time he was gone for three months and picked up at the Tolga pub about 9 kms...
  5. Vukza

    QLD False Allegations, DVO and Stolen Items - What to Do?

    So my brother has been in an abusive relationship with a woman and he's called off the relationship with her (they were together 4 months and living together in this time). Once he called off the relationship she's then accused him of raping her, beating her and her kids that they both lived...
  6. F

    NSW Police - The Legal Meaning of "Blackmail"?

    Hi, I was asked in 2016, to come & live with an elderly lady (I'll call her Ruth - not her real name). Whilst there, I started to help out that lady's daughter & her husband out on the farm (Maree & John - not their real names.) I had recently lost my wife of 33 years & Maree was helping me...
  7. N

    QLD When Can Property Settlement be Done?

    I am writing this on behalf of my father-in-law. He has just separated from his wife of 50 years. They are both retired and on the pension. My MIL decided she had had enough and left a couple of months ago, stating he could either sell the house and give her half or keep it and it would be sold...
  8. M

    QLD Breach of 5-Year DVO and Proceedings in Family Court - Help?

    My daughter has been separated from her ex de facto for approx 6 months. She separated after approx 3 years together because the relationship was extremely toxic & abusive. They have a 2.5-year-old child. (She became pregnant within a week of being with him) She also has a 5-year-old whom has...
  9. P

    NSW Caravan Leaking Rainwater After 5 Days of Ownership - Refund?

    Firstly, we live in NSW. We bought the Caravan from the Melbourne Caravan Show and The New Age Dealership in Melbourne. Handover took place 2 weeks ago. We drove it the 660 ks home. It rained two days later and water leaked from the speakers and lights in the van. We contacted company through...
  10. T

    NSW Strata Schemes and Strata Managers - Non-compliance of Bylaws?

    Strata schemes and Strata managers. I am going crazy with our strata manager. This is what has happened: SMA advised at the last AGM that the SSMA and bylaws were just a guide The resident has a caravan, camper van and 3 other vehicles parked in my only common area. SMA does not request...