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  1. J

    QLD Not being paid contract rate

    At interview I was offer award rate of $23.88 ph. I declined job offer as I was already earning $26.60 with another employer doing same role. Three weeks later the interviewer (manager) Called me and asked me in for chat. she offered me $25.60 ph which I accepted. I signed contract with that...
  2. J

    VIC Question Regaring Loan Contract

    Hi! I just want to ask, I have a loan which I’ve signed for 12 months contract. Due to Covid, they cut my repayment into half for 2 months. Now that I want to finished my contract because its my 12th month already and pay whatever I’m owing, they dont like it. My question is, I signed for 12...
  3. italad

    WA Need a contract looked over

    Hi need a contract looked over before I sign, can you help?
  4. A

    VIC Cancelation of a building contract

    i Have signed a preliminary building contract along with a HIA contract with a builder under my name. But due to the covid impact my husband lost his job and this affected to my family finance situation. so i want to cancel this contract and want to exit. but the builder saying because my...
  5. A

    Sale contract - terms

    Hello, I have a sale contract with a term included under the heading Title as follows: 12.2 The Seller may mortgage the Land at any time My question is, is this standard for a contract on a property? There are no other references to anything related to this clause in the document. The seller is...
  6. S

    NSW Dealership refusing to honour contract

    I have recently purchased a car From a dealership using finance from an unrelated company. All contracts have been signed and the dealership has received the finance. The vehicle was supposed to then be delivered to me. the owner of the dealership has been texting and ringing demanding more...
  7. H

    VIC cancellation of a service contract

    I recently accepted a quote for a service in the amount of $10k,we are now 3/4 into completion and with extras have I been invoiced and paid close to 10k.My question is if I terminate our agreement can I be sued for payment on the remainder of the service that was going to be provided even...
  8. ruki031

    Ending a builder contract before the construction

    Hi Everyone, Can someone please help me to clarify the below question. I have signed a contract with a builder( HIA contract) in 2018. I have lost my job recently and I want to withdraw it. Can I get the deposit that I paid? I have paid a 15K deposit. Your help highly appreciated. Thanks in...
  9. D

    QLD Is there a possibility to stop signed contract

    It is past 5 day cooling off just need to sign release form but cannot until I finish enforced quarantine, had hardship and stress for past 2 years and making bad decisions. What I’m asking are there anything I can do to rescind without incurring too much cost??? Thankyou Doreen
  10. V

    Employment Contract

    Hi All, I am looking to find a solution to amend our company's employment contract template. it does not cover a lot of legal obligations such as non-competence, non-solicitation, confidentiality agreement, etc. However, I would like to know if I can get the new drafts signed by existing...