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  1. S

    VIC New car contract without a specified delivery date

    So, I have signed a contract for a new car and stupidly forgot to insist on a delivery date written into the contract. The contract does have terms to cancel the contract if it the car is not delivered within 14 days of the specified date. We were assured that a car is available in two week, as...
  2. C

    WA what date does building contract start ?

    Hi the new homebuilder federal grant requires that "contract entered into from the 4th June" as does the WA state grant. My query is we signed plans and specifications to build a house on the 2nd June builder signed these on the 3rd June We signed a 26 page "Home Building contract ACT 1991 -...
  3. P

    NSW How valid is a signed contract if it was misrepresented to the people who signed it?

    My strata AGM was held on Thurs, and there was a motion to renew a buliding caretaker contract for 5 years. I did some research beforehand and found out the price in the contract is almost 3x what other similar apartments are paying. At the meeting, only 4 owners out of the 116 showed up. I...
  4. T

    NSW Contract ownership

    I have a contract between two parties neither of which are me, that i have salvaged as part of salvage rights on a demolition job. The contract is between a famous footballer and a team. I am wondering if i legally own this due to the salvage rights or does the contract remain the property of...
  5. W

    I want to break a contract(not even sure if I am bounded to the contract)

    Hello, I am currently living in a student housing company. I started staying in one of the rooms here from the beginning of 2019 August and will stay here until July 2020 as I am bounded with one year contract. Right before the corona virus became really bad here in Melbourne, I tried to extend...
  6. tahirrauf

    NSW Found a sewer issue in the land after exchanging the contract

    Hi Guys, I have recently put a deposit of 5% on the land which is going to be registered in the liverpool council in 2-3 weeks. All the times developer has been telling me that there is no easement on the land and the draft and the 88b form I got does not show any restrictions or easements...
  7. M

    QLD Contract start date for job keeper

    I am a full time employee currently stood down without pay. I was offered and accepted this full time roll on the 14th Feb and employment contacts finalised the same day. Payroll number and training login issued on 21st Feb. Online training started on 27th Feb - online logs available. 1st day in...
  8. T

    Breach of contract

    Hi, I am a physiotherapist working in NSW. I applied for a position advertised on Seek With a community physiotherapy organisation in late Feb and was offered a position in early March. I was offered a permanent part-time position for 16 hour per week, with a start date of April 27th. I was...
  9. Aaronnnn

    QLD Builder unable to get approval for their plan(5%deposit paid)

    Hi all, I went in the contract 21-01/20 for building a house. My builder is unable to get building approval due to the side boundary setback (200mm on the drawing in the contract)(lodged early FEB) Council advise them either amend the plan or obtain the consent from neighbour without any...
  10. sammie_t

    NSW What happens if you exclude Sale of Goods Act in a contract?

    I have a problem question to do and in the contract, the seller includes the term: 'The purchaser agrees that the Sale of Goods Act 1923 (NSW) does not apply to this transaction.' Is this allowed, and if so, if they have breached terms under this act, do they get penalised at all? The buyer...