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  1. Aaronnnn

    QLD Builder unable to get approval for their plan(5%deposit paid)

    Hi all, I went in the contract 21-01/20 for building a house. My builder is unable to get building approval due to the side boundary setback (200mm on the drawing in the contract)(lodged early FEB) Council advise them either amend the plan or obtain the consent from neighbour without any...
  2. sammie_t

    NSW What happens if you exclude Sale of Goods Act in a contract?

    I have a problem question to do and in the contract, the seller includes the term: 'The purchaser agrees that the Sale of Goods Act 1923 (NSW) does not apply to this transaction.' Is this allowed, and if so, if they have breached terms under this act, do they get penalised at all? The buyer...
  3. M

    NSW Can we cancel a new motor vehicle contract because of delivery delays?

    Hi all. We signed a contract on December 28, 2019 for a new vehicle to be ordered and delivered from the factory in Japan. There is no delivery date stipulated in the contract. The dealer verbally assured us that the delivery would be in March, possibly April if there were any delays. When I...
  4. L

    Possible breach of contract

    I had a previous co-worker (no longer in the company) from a company who sent an email containing some answers to a training questionnaire. This was found out by management and is now tracking everybody related to the incident. I just received the email but never used the attachment, can my...
  5. S

    QLD Difference between "under contract" and "sold"?

    Please can someone advise what the difference is between under contract and sold? If it states sold is there a likelihood the title search has already occured? (it is a cash buyer). Normally there is a period of time between notifications i.e under contract for a few weeks then it states...
  6. J

    QLD Commercial Lease Contract

    Hi all, Before New Years I spent approximately 2 months applying for the right to lease the kitchen at a local Bowls club. This was a very time consuming task, had to put together proposals, references, resumes etc. Eventually the proposal was accepted, and we signed a contract for 6 months...
  7. D

    Cancelation term of contract

    Hello, I am hoping someone might be able to give some advice. We are a UK tech company that have clients in AU. We have the following cancelation term in our agreement, and the client has signed this contract. This client has canceled their contract and they are stating "Our position is...
  8. J

    VIC Leave loading entitlement

    I started a new position at work six months ago and signed a new contract. I have just had two weeks annual leave and queried why I did not get leave loading. Found out my new pay rate includes leave loading so they say I am not entitled to it. Fair enough from the date of the contract any leave...
  9. K

    NSW Do I tell my foreign employer their employment contract is illegal?

    I've been offered a job with a foreign company and they've sent me the employment contract to sign. I've read it and it contravenes Australian employment law in a couple of places. However the contract states that the legal jurisdiction for the contract is the country where the employer is...
  10. S

    QLD I signed a new contract without realising a clause was removed

    Hi guys, Hoping someone might have some advice for me. A few years ago I negotiated to have a clause added to my contract that meant my employer had to give me an extra week of paid leave each year. Last year, the company changed their trading name and told us we would all be required to sign...