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A contract is a legally binding document that recognizes and governs the rights and duties of the parties to the agreement. A contract is legally enforceable because it meets the requirements and approval of the law. A contract typically involves the exchange of goods, service, money, or promise of any of those. "Breach of contract", means that the law will have to award the injured party either the access to legal remedies such as damages or cancellation.In the Anglo-American common law, formation of a contract generally requires an offer, acceptance, consideration, and mutual intent to be bound. Each party must be those who are binding by the contract. Although most oral contracts are binding, some types of contracts may require formalities such as being in writing or by deed.In the civil law tradition, contract law is a branch of the law of obligations.Each country recognised by private international law has its own national system of law to govern contracts. Although systems of contract law might have similarities, they may contain significant differences. Accordingly, many contracts contain a choice of law clause and a jurisdiction clause. These provisions set the laws of the country which will govern the contract, and the country or other forum in which disputes will be resolved, respectively. Failing express agreement on such matters in the contract itself, countries have rules to determine the law governing the contract and the jurisdiction for disputes. For example, European Member States apply Article 4 of the Rome I Regulation to decide the law governing the contract, and the Brussels I Regulation to decide jurisdiction.

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  1. Ange16

    NSW Daycare Contract question

    Hi there We need to terminate a daycare contract as we are moving away. We have given them 6 weeks notice but they responded that as per the T&Cs we are requeried to provide them with 12 weeks notice after October 1st. This is a ridiculous long time and peoples situations can change so quickly...
  2. C

    VIC Dog Rehomed with Written Contract Dispute

    Over 2 weeks ago I rehomed a dog interstate. I advertised the dog as trained to public access, complex skills and beginning search and rescue. Reason for rehoming is other dog to concentrate on. I interviewed the buyer for 2 hours. I was satisfied that despite having young children they would...
  3. D

    Vendor hasn't signed the contract, oral contract in place?

    The vendor has agreed to sale of property 3 weeks ago. The buyer signed the contract on second day of agreement and also has written correspondence via text a week later about vendor agreeing to payment of 10% deposit and has contacted a solicitor for further proceedings. The agent also...
  4. J

    NSW Employment Contract Restriction

    Hi, In my contract, there is a clause which says, "On termination of your employment it is requirement that you shall not work within the car hire industry, in direct competition with (my company name) either on or within 100kms of Sydney CBD, for a minimum of 1 year." Is there a way that I can...
  5. cling1

    Contract dispute with personal trainer.

    So I’ve signed a contract with a personal trainer ill attach the image. Basically i agreed to train with him 4 times per week for $50 per session. He has constantly cancelled sessions on me with only a few hours notice and has been showing up late constantly. He does not prepare for our sessions...
  6. R

    VIC canceling a building contract

    Hello, I have signed a building contract in jan 2020. Now my loan is not getting approved and after all I am not at all happy with the builder work as he built another house and took long time. Now I am asking to cancel the contract he is telling he will not cancel, he will give me 3 months...
  7. J

    QLD Not being paid contract rate

    At interview I was offer award rate of $23.88 ph. I declined job offer as I was already earning $26.60 with another employer doing same role. Three weeks later the interviewer (manager) Called me and asked me in for chat. she offered me $25.60 ph which I accepted. I signed contract with that...
  8. J

    VIC Question Regaring Loan Contract

    Hi! I just want to ask, I have a loan which I’ve signed for 12 months contract. Due to Covid, they cut my repayment into half for 2 months. Now that I want to finished my contract because its my 12th month already and pay whatever I’m owing, they dont like it. My question is, I signed for 12...
  9. italad

    WA Need a contract looked over

    Hi need a contract looked over before I sign, can you help?
  10. A

    VIC Cancelation of a building contract

    i Have signed a preliminary building contract along with a HIA contract with a builder under my name. But due to the covid impact my husband lost his job and this affected to my family finance situation. so i want to cancel this contract and want to exit. but the builder saying because my...