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  1. M

    QLD Does Ex De Facto Partner Have Rights to Share My House?

    Hi all, I need some help on where to turn next or what to do. I am not sure if I was in a de facto relationship at the end, but we were earlier on in the relationship. Myself and partner - English and Korean (now both Australian Citizens and she came in on my de facto visa - but we broke up...
  2. F

    SA Rights to Property When Partner Died Without a Will?

    History to Date I’m not sure where to start but I guess the beginning would be the best place. Firstly, I guess I’m looking for advice on several different things. 1. The estate of my late fiancé. 2. The family partnership between C and myself. (C and F Degenhardt) 3...
  3. L

    QLD Help with Subpoena and Affidavit Wording?

    Hi There, I am a first-time poster and I am just looking for a bit of help, please? I have had sole parental responsibility for my child (7 years old) for almost 3 years now and have recently been served with court papers from the father. He has not contacted us or seen my child in almost 3...
  4. nic3113

    QLD Sale of Assets to Pay Company Debts?

    I am in desperate of some help. My Ex husband had a company of which he was director of. During our marriage. I became a secretary to enable him to borrow more money. He had an overdraft ( 100 k ) that was secured against our property and he would buy trucks to work on road construction. During...
  5. J.boae

    WA Speeding Fines and Driving with Drugs - Help?

    Charged with driving with illicit prescribed drugs in oral fluids (Methamphetamine). Didn’t realise I would still be in my system. This was a one-off, took over Christmas as a very distressing time for me, and I thought it would numb the pain but I regretted the decision straight away. I've...
  6. zenihama

    NSW Solicitor - Itemised Bill for Legal Services?

    Why does it take time for a solicitor to provide an itemised account? Along with a $20K+ bill for various legal services I received a "Notification of Client's Rights" document which said I could request an itemised bill within 30 days. I did so, but was told that it would be several weeks...
  7. T

    QLD Ex refused mediation. Refuses a Fair plan at Christmas.

    Hi, So my ex and I have been sharing 50/50 care of our son for the past year and a half after separating. It has been a constant on and off affair with my ex deciding one day she wants to be nice and the next an awful human being. Because of this I thought seeking a parenting plan could solve...
  8. W

    WA Are Parking Fines a Criminal Offence?

    My parking fines has been set down for trial closer to Christmas. How do I get disclosure from the council? How do I ensure I get it before the trial date? Do I have to nominate the items I want? Do I get an opportunity to talk to the mag about the prosecutions costs? if so when? I want to...
  9. M

    QLD Issues with Final Consent Orders - What to Do?

    Hi, I’m hoping for help on my current situation. My solicitor lodged consent orders in court on the 19th of March which are still not finalised. My ex-husband has now gone to a mediation company to change these orders to increase his time. I have been advised by this company that they have...
  10. H

    QLD Family Court - When Can Child's Views be Taken into Consideration?

    Hi all, I'm hoping for a little help about my 8-year-old son. I was with my ex for 18 months, left when my son was 9 months due to ex being emotionally and psychologically abusive, and became physical with my oldest son (not his child, and I think he did it to see how far he could push me)...