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Stefano Sensi (Italian pronunciation: [ˈsteːfano ˈsɛnsi]; born 5 August 1995) is an Italian footballer who plays as a midfielder for Serie A club Inter Milan and the Italy national team.
He began his career with Italian side Cesena in 2013 and was subsequently loaned out to San Marino for two seasons before returning to the club. He joined Sassuolo in January 2016 but spent the rest of the season on loan with his former club Cesena before officially joining the Sassuolo in the summer. He was loaned out to Inter in the summer of 2019 and joined them on a permanent basis in the following year.

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    QLD Sensis debt collection by Collection House

    Hi I am seeking some comment or advice on my current predicament. I had engaged Sensis (Yellow Pages) for advertising in 2010 for my plumbing business. In 2012 I had a workplace accident and fractured a vertebra in my spine which resulted me being hospitalised and off work for 12 months. At...
  2. M

    VIC Unauthorised Sensis Contract - Keep Paying for Unwanted Service?

    I am a small business owner (sole owner, after my spouse died just over two years ago). Sensis (a privately-owned American corporation), is shafting me by continuing to invoice me for local Yellow Pages advertising I have not agreed to, on the grounds that my late husband authorised ongoing...
  3. G

    VIC Australian Consumer Law - Sensis Demanding Payment for Unauthorised Ads?

    In Nov 2015, Sensis posted our small business a letter saying they had made changes we requested to our ad and to please approve online. We had no prior communication with them, had made no requests and had not agreed to any advertising at all for 2016. They commenced billing for an...
  4. P

    VIC Sensis Ruined Yellow Pages Ad - Australian Consumer Law Case?

    Hello, in May this year I was sold a premium Sensis Yellow Pages advertising package for my videographer business by Sensis which included a designing service. When the ad appeared in June, it was advertising another company in the United States. It also had prominent textual and spelling errors...