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QLD Charged for Stalking and Harassment - What are My Chances?

Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by Lawyer123, 9 April 2016.

  1. Lawyer123

    Lawyer123 Member

    9 April 2016
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    I'm facing stalking charges and harassment

    I sent hundreds of emails to my ex female friend over a period of 1.5 years, was abusive, and non-threatening. One death threat to the partner of my friend (or maybe more, I cannot remember) after he turned up at my last known address following my provocations. A couple of letters to my ex-friend's home. The address was gained off the electoral roll.

    There were mitigating circumstances with multiple operations resulting in permanent health issues over this period. GP will support with undiagnosed mental illness. I wil be seeing a counsellor, etc, and have a solicitor. No criminal record. 30-40 age range.

    All I am concerned about is receiving a conviction as I will be unemployable due to my physical situation and line of work. Still waiting for my charge sheet but in my eyes, it's a forgone conclusion, due to evidence and hardening community attitudes in this day and age of social media wankery, where people end their so-called friendships with a click of a button.

    She was a terrible friend and acted poorly, but in the eyes of the law, this is not a crime. I do not think I have covered myself in glory and I know this person and she will enjoy the conviction and is not a helpless victim as such, and deserved the letter. But I can't really defend all this email crap and I'll pay a price for it.

    My personal situation has been impossible for some time now but in my view, the judge will consider the needs of the victim first, deterrent second and impacts on the offender largely irrelevant as it is their own actions.

    It will be a guilty plea once facts are agreed and in my view, it will be conviction and some other community order style stuff with jail time highly unlikely.

    Does anyone have enough experience to be able to comment on my chances (how long is a piece of string) under Criminal Law? I'm not a bad person but do the crime, do the time, just how it is.

    I am a fool though, that is assured.

    Can anyone also comment, are these usually heard in magistrate or district court?

    5 years spent conviction at magistrate is enough of a faint hope I could get back into some suitable work. 10 years district, it is over and I work casual jobs like everyone else, or just don't declare and hope there's no police check.
  2. Hope this helps

    Hope this helps Well-Known Member

    26 March 2016
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    Lawyer123 I've read your post twice but need you to help me understand a bit clearer. Why does it matter what magistrate you attend?
    Yes if convicted of stalking
    Could you please clarify for my understanding your last paragraph relating to:

    '5 years spent conviction at magistrate ..... '10 years district it's over ....'

    I don't understand whether you are presuming, asking or stating some experience prior to this up and coming court case?

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