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Elderly care, or simply eldercare (also known in parts of the English speaking world as aged care), is the fulfillment of the special needs and requirements that are unique to senior citizens. This broad term encompasses such services as assisted living, adult day care, long term care, nursing homes (often referred to as residential care), hospice care, and home care. Because of the wide variety of elderly care found nationally, as well as differentiating cultural perspectives on elderly citizens, it cannot be limited to any one practice. For example, many countries in Asia use government-established elderly care quite infrequently, preferring the traditional methods of being cared for by younger generations of family members.
Elderly care emphasizes the social and personal requirements of senior citizens who need some assistance with daily activities and health care, but who desire to age with dignity. It is an important distinction, in that the design of housing, services, activities, employee training and such should be truly customer-centered. It is also noteworthy that a large amount of global elderly care falls under the unpaid market sector.

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  1. Sammy11

    WA Aged care job convicted of Fraud

    I have been in Aged Care for 20 years and recently was convicted for credit card fraud. My police clearance is due in about 2 1/2 years and will then show the 10 counts of Fraud (they were not related to work and was on the lower scale) I am very concerned my aged care career will be over...
  2. T

    VIC Sue an Aged Care facility for compensation

    My Nan died in 2015 as a result of the standard of care provided at a Melbourne Aged Care facility. I lodged a complaint with the Aged Care Commissioner, but they've failed to follow through on their own recommendations (i.e. increased number of unannounced site visits). So, I want to know if...
  3. B

    VIC Interest on Returning Bonds to Aged Care Resident's Family

    Hi I am on the Committee of Management at a not for profit Aged Care facility. When returning bonds to resident families what are our options. Can we just deposit the money in a nominated solicitors trust fund or set up a bank account in the name of the estate of the deceased person? We are...
  4. E

    WA Contract - Offer and Acceptance of a Condition?

    Hi all, My Mum has signed off a contract to purchase a property that includes one of her own conditions: “Subject to Buyer obtaining deposit back from *** Aged Care Facility *** within 14 days after acceptance. If funds are not received by Date, the Contract shall be terminated and all...
  5. David Chang

    NSW Nursing Home from Financial Perspective (Questions)

    Good morning, Just few questions that I hope all the professionals here can help; it's in relation to my dad's, which just got his ACAT assessment done last Thursday and the plan is to have him moved from the hospital (he is currently admitted) to the 63 days respite care. My dad is a new...
  6. J

    VIC How to Gain Mother's Will Before Her Death?

    I am the executor of will for my mother and am moving interstate. She is now in aged care after moving from where she made the will. Am I able to get my mother's will before she has died? If not, what can be done?
  7. K

    NSW Lodger Changed Locks and is Denying Executor of Will?

    My Grandmother was admitted to hospital in December 2018 and transferred to an aged care facility in January 2019 where she passed away in March 2019. There has been Lodger residing at her home for some years who has taken an AVO out on my mother, one of the Executors, when she last visited my...
  8. A

    VIC Applying for Partial Distribution of Deceased Estate?

    My brother and I are co-executors of my late mother's deceased estate. Our mother passed away January 29th this year (2018). We have a lawyer, however I am getting no response from emails I have sent to him. Last correspondence was 23rd February, advising a Grant of Probate would be necessary...
  9. T

    NSW Caveat on Property I Need to Sell?

    I need to sell my parents' home to fund aged care accommodation with RAD Bond of $495,000 each parent. Both parents are ready to move into the facility. Dad (92) has dementia and mum(86) is very frail. I hold Power of Attorney for both who are self funded. My brother is living in their house...
  10. B

    QLD Buying Our Sister's Share of Deceased Estate - What to Do?

    We want to buy our sister's share of the family home, and she is being very difficult. We wanted to get a valuation and pay her from the rest of the estate, the fair market value. We got two informal estimates ourselves - one a market appraisal on the house site alone ($800,000), and one written...