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Spent conviction legislation allows the criminal records of offenders to be amended by removing some offences after a certain period of time. The idea behind spent convictions schemes is to allow former offenders to 'wipe the slate clean' after a certain period of time, depending on the offence.

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    VIC Victoria Spent Conviction Scheme 2021. Are all non-convictions considered spent and not appear on my criminal record?

    When I was around 18 years old, I stole a variety of goods because I was really stupid and dumb and eventually I got caught. For my court verdict, I was charged with around 20 counts of theft (which comprised a majority of the charges), attempted theft and making a false document that were all...
  2. P

    QLD Can I ever clear criminal record?

    From what I‘ve gathered I can answer no to 'do you have any recorded criminal convictions?' as I didn’t have a conviction recorded. But must answer yes to 'Have you ever been charged with breaking the law?' or 'have you ever been convicted by the Queensland Magistrates Court?' Will I ever be...
  3. T

    QLD Spent Conviction - Living in QLD with Convictions in NSW?

    18 years ago, I was charged in NSW for an assault and was given a 9-month suspended sentence. I am deeply regretful of my past actions and have remained out of trouble since. Currently, I live in QLD and have for the past 10 years. Does the QLD spent conviction scheme apply to my conviction for...
  4. V

    NSW Spent Conviction in NSW

    Hi All, Is spent conviction in NSW automatically removed after 10 years from criminal record (when I obtain a NPC)? Or I have to do something to remove it? My conviction was 12 years ago but when I extended my Permanent Residency, and applied for a NPC, my 11 years criminal record is still...
  5. P

    NSW Spent conviction for larceny 18 years ago

    I am looking to gain employment in a NSW school as a Teachers Aide. I hold a WWCC paid and have signed an Appendix 11 form (no convictions In last 10yrs). However if I was to be offered paid employment it seems I will need to disclose that I have a spent conviction which is unrelated to working...
  6. A

    WA Will Prison Sentence Show Up on National Police Clearance?

    In 2013, I was convicted in the district court for gbh and sentenced to 8 months in prison. I served half that time and the rest on parole. This was my 1st ever prison sentence. I have 2 questions. 1. Will this show up on a national police clearance and be an issue with employment? 2. In WA...
  7. L

    SA Spent conviction questions

    Hi I have a conviction for Affray basic offence with no jail time and had a few questions. 1. Is it possible for my affray to become a spent conviction one day? 2. If so how long does it take? 3. When a conviction does become spent do they let you know of this so you don't keep disclosing...
  8. W

    QLD Borderline Spent? What is the exact term?

    QUEENSLAND: If someone has two criminal convictions from the exact same crime and sentenced on the exact same day. Conviction 1 : 24 months Conviction 2 : 6 months (Total 30 months) Wholly suspended for a total of 24 months. Will they have their convictions spent on the completion of 10...
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    ACT Question on Criminal Record and Spent Conviction?

    Hi, When I was younger I made some pretty stupid choices. It landed me in court and I was charged with drug and trafficking charges. I was convicted of those offences and handed down 12 or 18 months good behavior and ordered to pay a fine. I've have been doing well at being a good member of...
  10. R

    SA Will Spent Convictions Appear Again After New Offense?

    Early this year, I went to the SA Magistrates Court and applied to have all my old shoplifting and other minor convictions from about between 17 and 30 years ago spent. Apparently, they don't just drop off your record after 10 years in SA. You need to apply to the magistrates court. Anyway...