VIC Victoria Spent Conviction Scheme 2021. Are all non-convictions considered spent and not appear on my criminal record?

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7 October 2021
When I was around 18 years old, I stole a variety of goods because I was really stupid and dumb and eventually I got caught. For my court verdict, I was charged with around 20 counts of theft (which comprised a majority of the charges), attempted theft and making a false document that were all non-convictions. I've regretted committing these crimes ever since and I have vowed to change myself for the better. Fast forward years later and I just received a job offer that requires a background check.

Victoria has passed a Spent Conviction Scheme this year that "Non-conviction outcomes and convictions for offences committed when a person was under the age of 15 will be spent immediately from the date of a person’s conviction." However, it says that this legislation will not be in effect until 1 December 2021.

My questions are:
1. Are my non-convictions considered spent under the Scheme?
2. If so, can I say to my employer that I don't have a criminal record?
3. Before 1st December 2021, will the non-convictions still appear on my record? Is it possible to have these non-convictions spent and hidden before the date?

Tony Danos

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29 November 2016
There is complex legislation that covers what offences are spent and if automatic or not.
Call if you require a detailed answer.
Tony Danos
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