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  1. C

    NSW My 16year old grandson has been charged with sexual assault of a minor who is 13

    My 16yearokd grandson has been charged with sexual assault of a minor who was 13 and by law unable to give consent
  2. Sass71

    QLD Is it to late for assault charges

    How long is it before it's too late to press assault charges within a domestic violence situation it's been 1yr and I have photos of the damage to my body bruises and the like it was not reported when I went to hospital as an assault out of fear to this day he is still driving pass my place...
  3. A

    SA Toxic assault & battery?

    My former employer knowingly subjected its staff to dangerously high levels of a carcinogen (Above the Safework short term exposure limits). From what I've read so far it seems that unless someone gets cancer no crime has been committed. To me it seems that it is somewhat analogous to me...
  4. M

    NSW Assault Charges Hearing with Ex Next Month - Help?

    Next month, on my bloody birthday, I have a hearing for the assault charges put on my son's father. He is currently in custody (bail refused) from the police station when arrested. He is currently pleading not guilty to all incidents because he thinks he's invincible, although I’ve been told he...
  5. T

    QLD Spent Conviction - Living in QLD with Convictions in NSW?

    18 years ago, I was charged in NSW for an assault and was given a 9-month suspended sentence. I am deeply regretful of my past actions and have remained out of trouble since. Currently, I live in QLD and have for the past 10 years. Does the QLD spent conviction scheme apply to my conviction for...
  6. Cairo

    Assault - Can One be Both Defendant and Complainant?

    Hi everyone, I'm a translator from Turkey and, currently, I am translating a court paper involving assault and battery which needs to be translated into English. Since the document requires knowledge of legal/judicial terminology or of the legal system in Australia, I thought I could ask you...
  7. P

    Domestic assault charges - neighbor dispute

    The police have charged me with 2 charges for assault. 1st charge is armed with garden hoe with intent to commit indictable offence 2nd is stalk & intimidate intend fear of physical or mental harm no one got hurt, nothing happened. i just hurled threats at him to repel him due to been enraged...
  8. J

    QLD How to get QP9 between court dates, possible reason matter being moved to district court?

    I’m trying to help my brother with a criminal matter. He’s not the sharpest in the shed and tbh I think he’d rather drink after work everyday than think about what’s going to happen. Even when he is trying he seems to have trouble understanding what’s happening and what he needs to do. So I’m...
  9. K

    NSW Assault - Legal Action Against a 17-Year-Old?

    Hey, My friend was attacked by a girl after school in a shopping centre car park. Both my friend and the girl are 17-years-old. My friend was just walking when a girl who had heard about some random drama at school, tackled my friend to the ground and punched her repeatedly. Once my friend...
  10. H

    NSW Permanent Resident with Assault - Eligible for Australian Citizenship?

    9 years ago, I was convicted with common assault $1,200 fine with 1 yr good behaviour bond. With all the new good behaviour requirements going through parliament at the moment (offence with 2 yrs max sentence but of course not applicable here) can I be subject to cancellation of my permanent...