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A police certificate is an official document issued as a result of a background check by the police or government agency of a country to enumerate any criminal records that the applicant may have. Criminal records may include arrest, conviction, and possibly criminal proceedings. A police certificate is also known as good citizen certificate (in Hong Kong), good conduct certificate, police clearance certificate, national police history check (in Australia) or judicial record extracts.
Applicants may have to submit fingerprints and certain personal information to request a criminal record check, and the police or government agency may charge a fee.

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  1. OracleImmigrationConsult

    VIC What is the Police Clearance or Police Check (AFP and Foreign Police Checks) for Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa?

    Depending on the individual circumstances an applicant of the subclass 485 Temporary Graduate visa may require 2 police checks or police clearances. AFP Police check also known as Australian Federal Police check. Second is the National Police check from applicants’ home country or Overseas...
  2. M

    WA National police clearance

    I have a good opportunity at a mine in WA and they require a National police clearance. I got in trouble a few years ago and got a record and it’s behind me now (apart from the record of course) Does police clearance mean you have to be completely clear? I know from a mine that I worked at in...
  3. T

    QLD Spent Conviction - Living in QLD with Convictions in NSW?

    18 years ago, I was charged in NSW for an assault and was given a 9-month suspended sentence. I am deeply regretful of my past actions and have remained out of trouble since. Currently, I live in QLD and have for the past 10 years. Does the QLD spent conviction scheme apply to my conviction for...
  4. R

    QLD Getting My Police Clearance for Visa Purposes?

    Hi, My name is Raj. I have been charged at magistrates court in 2012 (Queensland) January and fined $500 which is already paid. It was all about stealing stuff from the shop and I feel guilty that time. Now I have checked with court they said there is no conviction recorded. So is it possible...
  5. M

    SA Police clearance says: "no contact with vulnerable people"

    Hey all, this is on behalf of my dad. anyway. my dad just got a police clearance for a job he was trying to go for. and it came back with an assault charge from 2010 (we thought they were supposed to be wiped after 7 years, but anyway..). This isn't much of a bother as my dad knew how things...
  6. Z

    VIC Datacom - Fixing Pending Charges from 15 Years Ago?

    Hello all, I am applying for a job with Datacom who do national security checks/police clearances. Anyway, the last time I had a police clearance was about 6 years ago and I was cleared, no worries. This time it must have gone a little deeper as apparently, I have something pending in Victoria...
  7. A

    WA Will Prison Sentence Show Up on National Police Clearance?

    In 2013, I was convicted in the district court for gbh and sentenced to 8 months in prison. I served half that time and the rest on parole. This was my 1st ever prison sentence. I have 2 questions. 1. Will this show up on a national police clearance and be an issue with employment? 2. In WA...
  8. A

    WA failed drug test can I still get a police clearance?

    Hi there, I've recently failed a roadside drug test. Will I get a criminal record or is it just a traffic offence? Will I be able to still get a police clearance?
  9. E

    Remove national police clearance

    I need to remove national police record for apply a new business contract. Would it be possible or who I should contact to represent me? Thanks
  10. H

    VIC Sued After Car Accident - Will I Get Police Clearance?

    I was in Australia from 2007 to Feb 2012. In 2010, I had an car accident. The other party insurance sued me to pay 2000$. I didn't pay. Will it affect my police clearance?