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  1. ATK0001

    VIC Legality Of pneumatic launcher.

    Hi, I’m wondering what the law states about pneumatic launchers, Are they classed as firearm/Weapons.
  2. L

    VIC Can I sue for libel defamation in Victoria?

    Hello Brains Trust, So 3 years ago when I began dating my current partner his ex wife (who is an ex police officer) began basically her own investigation into me. She contacted my previous ex partner's parents, siblings, my ex partner, friends and young women who were at the same local Netball &...
  3. S

    recovery order question please

    hi, thanks in advance to anyone that has the time to read my post. I have very minimal knowledge regarding sites llike this so forgive me if I'm unaware of any aspect. I have final orders, I'm the father of a 6 year old boy, my x has kept my son and breached the orders, I have filed a...
  4. Kraka

    VIC Legal Owner of a vehicle (car) in victoria

    I purchased a falcon sedan some months ago, I have receipt of purchase in my name, bank loan in my name and bank payment papers all in my name, the car is registered in an ex girlfriends name and she refuses to return it, saying I gave it to her, which I did not. What are my options here , if i...
  5. 2

    VIC IO taken out in Vic against QLD Respondent for alleged event in NSW

    Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has any advice. I'll try and keep it brief. This is for a friend, not me. :) Friends version can be substaniated with witnesses or evidence. Male friend (respondent) had casual relations with a female (applicant) from late 2018 in QLD. Applicant moved 2...
  6. B

    VIC Is Sheriff wheelclamping legal in Victoria?

    Good morning, Have an unpaid warrant ( fine was ín 2016 ) that escalated from a fine. There is a law now apparently ín WA againts wheelclamping. Is there anything here in Victoria. I can show to sheriff if wants to clamp my car in a carpark? Thank you
  7. A

    VIC exclusive sale agreement

    hi all please help about exclusive sale authority i am already with one agency on this agreement and they have not provided a copy at the point of signing the agreement paper which was only 1 page of 5 actual pages. they didn't even fill it full or correctly. the same single paper was emailed...
  8. T

    VIC What is the maximum penalty for criminal defamation in Victoria?

    What is the maximum penalty for criminal defamation in Victoria? Can you please share any relevant reference of the defamation victoria act?
  9. P

    Neighbour's CCTV covering our living area and backyard

    Hi Our backyard neighbours have setup a CCTV camera that covers not only their backyard but covers full of our living area and kitchen apart from our backyard. When I talk to him first he said he will do the reposition but I dont see any genuine attempt from him, each time I ask for an update he...
  10. W

    VIC Parking infringement at a uni

    Hi all, my bf has a parking fine at university melbourne last week. It was a hefty sum for parking in loading zone?? I am curious as im wondering if Melbourne uni have the right to enforce infringements ?? And what happens if you dont pay. I believe on the receipt it does say Infringement act...