NSW Social Media Accounts - Ensuring Online Safety for Our Child?

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24 June 2015
A separated wife advised me of witnessing her ex-husband in an inappropriate situation with a minor and this lead to the dissolution of their marriage (separation). Her parents contacted police. Apparently the victim's parents requested no charge.

The ex-husband is using social media with a fake name and pic. When questioned about his identity online he denied it (on her page in front of others). We have no orders in place.

The separated wife has given our child mobile internet access and our child has set up (underage by T&Cs) social media accounts. Our child is in her care most of the week. My wife is ignoring my concerns. What can be done in the best interests of our child? Thank you.


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23 July 2014
Sorry, I'm confused. Are you the ex-husband? What does the use of a false profile have to do with this matter? Has it been used to denigrate the other party or some such?

The court won't intervene on matters that are not major long-term decisions unless critically necessary to do so. The use of social media by a child is not something the court will govern because it's a day-to-day decision for the parents to make and the court is bound by precedent to avoid micro-managing the decisions of the parents.