VIC What is Expected of a Social Worker's Professional Conduct?

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    Hi all/anyone,

    In keeping the question short, my wife had to travel overseas to care for her parents. Her farther is approaching 90 and hospitalised at time of departure from Australia and mother with onset of Alzheimers. During this period, our child (17-year-old) self-admitted herself into a drug rehabilitation centre which we paid on a monthly basis, provided pocket money for her and shopping provided to her once a fortnight.

    My wife and I very much love and care for our child but she rebelled against reasonable home rules, moved out of the home, found and established herself with the wrong people, which took her down dark paths, including drug usage and petty crime.

    During counselling at this unnamed drug and rehabilitation live in centre, a social worker stated in telephone text messages to my wife, that she (my wife) had abdicated her right to parent her child because she left Australia to care for her aging parents.

    Has, in the opinion of readers, the social worker breached professional and ethical standards? The social worker was under impression that my wife and I left Australia without providing for our child's needs which is grossly incorrect. Is a social worker able to state such erroneous statements, or has she crossed the grounds of morality?

    This question for help does not necessarily relate to family law or court orders per say, but the standard of replies and responses encourages me to seek reader's opinion on the matter.

    P.S. we left unlimited funds to look after our child with family members, we maintained contact with our child during rehab and she was aware of those arrangements made for her benefits. We consulted with police and Child Protection on arrangements made before departure and both DCP and police found arrangement made to be adequate.
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