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Fort Recovery is a village in Mercer County, Ohio, United States. The population was 1,430 at the 2010 census. The village is near the location of Fort Recovery, first established in 1793 under orders from General Anthony Wayne. The town is located near the headwaters of the Wabash River.

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  1. M

    VIC Can I put Contravention of orders, urgent Recovery orders and non-urgent Relocation orders in one application?

    Hi , 3 years ago, me and my ex got a final parenting order by consent, in which it says 1, our child is to be enrolled in school A, without prejudice for either parent to seek orders for alternative school choices. And 2, before the child turns 9, he lives with me for 6 nights per fortnight...
  2. C

    SA Chances of ex being granted recovery orders or denied?

    So short run down 3 kids - 2 I have full custody 1 no orders and just a parenting plan entered into after ex refused to return the child after we broke up for a couple months out of retaliation to me moving in with boyfriend, I was tired of begging so I just agreed to it, then went through...
  3. S

    recovery order question please

    hi, thanks in advance to anyone that has the time to read my post. I have very minimal knowledge regarding sites llike this so forgive me if I'm unaware of any aspect. I have final orders, I'm the father of a 6 year old boy, my x has kept my son and breached the orders, I have filed a...
  4. adi

    NSW Need help with recovery order related questions

    Hi friends, I have applied for parenting order (interim and final orders) in Family Court of Australia and first court date is 21 April. My ex wife is not allowing me to meet my daughter or sending her to spend time with me since 16/02/2020. Prior to this I was having my daughter for 2 days a...
  5. Shaylah lacy

    NSW No Court Orders - Ex has taken full custody

    My ex and I have no court orders in place he took our two daughters 5 years old n 4 years old and he has told me I have no rights and his new girlfriend from Dec 2019 is he won't let me see or speak to them at all he takes our 5yr old to school late n gets her early. S 5 has told my 10 year...
  6. C

    VIC Contravention of parenting orders

    I have primary care of 12 year child with other parent having visitations. The other parent has refused to give child back stating she doesnt want to come home and wont force her to. This isn't the first time this has happened in their care and now they're starting they're enrolling her into...
  7. T

    NSW Chances of Ex Getting Recovery Orders?

    My ex is a narcissist and very manipulative and also a compulsive liar. Anyway, I was stupid enough to sign an interim parenting order where he sees our daughter one night a week (4 hours) and has a full day with her on Sundays (10am-6pm), however, I feel he’s pushing the custody of children...
  8. A

    QLD Information on Recovery Orders for Children?

    Hi everyone, I am just wondering if anyone has any experience in getting recovery orders. How long did the process take? To give you a quick background; my ex partner and I separated in 2016. We have 2 children now 5 & 8. We went through the family courts and final orders were made in 2017...
  9. M

    NSW Who out there knows how to stop a narcissist?

    I am trying to co-parent with a narc. I saw through his mask, and he is after revenge at any and every turn. We have been separated over 5 years and through one child, he has had me in courts on and off for the last 5 years. We finally got final orders which says we equal parent, but the...
  10. L

    SA DV and relocation in court

    Hi there, I'd like to keep this as short as possible but I am just curious what I may be facing with my situation in a court room. I ended my relationship with my ex husband about 3 years ago due to domestic violence, his outbursts began to be directed at the 3 children and I had to put an end...