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Child protection is the safeguarding of children from violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect. Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child provides for the protection of children in and out of the home. One of the ways to ensure this is by giving them quality education, the fourth of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in addition to other child protection systems.

Child protection systems are a set of usually government-run services designed to protect children and young people who are underage and to encourage family stability. UNICEF defines a ‘child protection system’ as: the set of laws, policies, regulations and services needed across all social sectors – especially social welfare, education, health, security and justice – to support prevention and response to protection-related risks. These systems are part of social protection, and extend beyond it. At the level of prevention, their aim includes supporting and strengthening families to reduce social exclusion, and to lower the risk of separation, violence and exploitation. Responsibilities are often spread across government agencies, with services delivered by local authorities, non-State providers, and community groups, making coordination between sectors and levels, including routine referral systems etc.., a necessary component of effective child protection systems.

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  1. Z

    NSW Court or Mediation? Child safety

    Hi, hope someone can help me out so I can gain some sort of clarity on what to do next? I removed my 3 year old child from the mother last year due to neglect. A police report was done immediately and FACS was contacted, however FACS did not get involved as there was 1 fit parent. No parenting...
  2. Jzkm

    VIC DHHS ignoring court orders

    Hi, we went to childrens court because my partner suffered a first episode psychosis and was admitted to hospital. Now he lives with his mom for the time being and we went to court twice with dhhs child protective services. After first and second hearing they keep adding on conditions to the...
  3. L

    VIC Children's court proceedings with Child Protection

    In currently going thru proceedings with Child protection at the children's court. It's become very apparent that none of the legislation nor the department guidelines are being followed and I'm at a loss as legaid lawyer seems to not address any of it. My question is, what time limit applies to...
  4. S

    do i have a case against child protection

    im wondering if i have a case against child protection or is it just a case of the system is broken and it is what it is. firstly all my story is 100% unbiast, true and admits fault where i am at fault. just the facts, not my opinion. i have full custody of my 6 year old son, i have had full...
  5. T

    VIC Being Bullied by Child Protection to Get IVO - Help?

    Hi all, I am currently in emergency housing due to my partner unintentionally hurting my young children, due to anger of parents divorce issues (that’s lasted over 6 years). Since being in emergency housing, my partner has finally been able to see his mum knowing that’s the trigger to his...
  6. Velma Dinkley

    VIC In the best interests of the child

    The department (Child 'protection') are no longer involved, and thanks to the legal aid i had the department avoided answering for their lies and non compliance with the legislation. In the best interests of the child, my 2yr old son, the department decided to withdraw instead of providing...
  7. T

    QLD Help with Domestic Violence and Father's Unsupervised Access?

    I will start with a bit of the history/background of the situation... So I have a 5-year-old son. His father and I separated prior to his birth, however, briefly reconciled after his birth for several months. There is a significant history of domestic violence and the father had a drug problem...
  8. J

    VIC On a family preservation order but wants to live else where.

    I have a sister aged 14, is currently on a preservation order, and wishes to reside with me in my care. she has her own solicitor and CPS caseworker and has expressed to both of them that she wants to leave home, due to an unsafe and unstable environment at home. however, there seems to be no...
  9. K

    VIC I need to lawyer that will take on DHS

    I have a 10 day trail booked in at child courts Melb in 2 mths we have been in front of the children court 24 time over the last 4 years this case is very completed cant find a lawyer to take it on as they don't have the resource to take it on can anyone help .
  10. L

    VIC Custody of Children - Is AVO Enough?

    Hi, I currently have a 10-year AVO against my ex who is serving time in prison for Domestic Violence related offences against me. I have spoken to my lawyer about seeking Sole Parental Responsibility and custody of children, however, she doesn't advise this as it opens up an avenue for him to...