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Ato Essilfi Bracato Essandoh (born July 29, 1972) is an American television and film actor.
Essandoh was born in Schenectady, New York and graduated from New Rochelle High School in 1990. He received a B.S. in chemical engineering from Cornell University. He first joined theater when he was dared to do so by a girlfriend. He is also a playwright, and authored Black Thang which is published in the anthology Plays and Playwrights 2003. He studied acting at the Acting Studio in New York City. Essandoh is the co-founder of The Defiant Ones writing and performance group.
His parents are from Ghana.
He launched a podcast, Unrelated, together with his childhood friend Chris Cecot.

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  1. R

    NSW ATO fine/penalties and police checks

    Hi Everyone, So I haven’t lodged my tax return for many years as my income was always below the tax threshold. And even if I do, I will only owe ATO a small amount. I plan to submit my tax returns and/or non-lodgement advice right now. If I receive a fine/penalty for this from ATO for reporting...
  2. Jenny453

    WA FWC General Protections - Deeds, Tax, Centrelink, Child Support Implications

    Deed of Settlement. Where is it possible to find out how a deed of settlement and compensation paid under general protections FW Act interacts with tax and centrelink. And whether a payment can effect my child support.
  3. C

    VIC Superannuation - Help with Legal Definition of “Lost Member”?

    Hi, I recently discovered an old superannuation account that was started in 2003. No contributions were ever made, apart from the initial rollover amount. All money has been eaten up over the years by insurance premiums and fees. I believe the trustee should have reported my account to the...
  4. T

    Tourist Refund Scheme

    My gf 26 has been accused at the TRS at Sydney airport for getting credit funding purchased goods via deception as she did not have them in the box. She paid for them legit, and took the box to the airport but they found the box empty. Expected about $100 refund. They took her details and said...
  5. T

    WA Bankruptcy suggested by ato buisness deregistered

    Hi just hoping someone can help answer a few questions please. My husband’s buisness was deregistered 2 years ago due to running at a loss and we were both out of work for some time on no income, he has a very large debt over $100,000 owed to the ato from the buisness he has applied for a...
  6. L

    NSW Possible miss use my TAX number

    my accountant bought to my attention that my ex used my tfn for a period in 2017. This also affected my taxable income. Instead of receiving $3000 refund I now owe $4000!!! I’m also paying more child support in incorrect amount. I emailed her employer to adv this and he asked for her tfn...
  7. T

    What is my liability to ATO in administration of company

    hi there i have a 'position letter' from the ATO which they arrived at after 6 months of investigation into the company I am a director of. They have asked that I accept or object or make suggestions to their position within a time frame of 3 weeks. Basically, the ATO want the company to repay...
  8. B

    WA Consequences to Declaring Bankruptcy?

    I am a director of a company /business that no longer trades anymore. I don't owe any money to creditors except GST to the ATO. What would I have to pay or lose if I declared bankrupt?
  9. L

    NSW Help with Child Support Assessment Challenge?

    Hi all Looking for some help from people with experience with child support payment assessment challenges. I've been paying child support for the last two years. I pay a lot of money each month ($1300) but have never refused payment or even questioned the amount, despite possibly having a...
  10. M

    Garnishee x 2 - any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi there, So first I know I let this happen but telling myself I will sort it out "tomorrow". Not too long ago I was on a full Disability support pension, I went back to work voluntarily and without anyone from Centrelink telling me I had to do so. I went back to the workforce and eventually...