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    VIC Social Media

    Hello, I left my old workplace due to bullying and unprofessional environment in March, its now been three months and ive decided to start working again (havent begun yet) and removed all clients i previously treated from old clinic etc so I am starting fresh. i set up my new business page on...
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    QLD DVO against ex who is using social media to intimidate me.

    I have a DVO against my ex, which has been adjusted in court as he was using a FB (social media platform) to intimidate me and he is constantly placing ultimatums for me to reach him, my late fathers photos and defamation of my personality. He never used my name, just hints and, all were...
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    VIC Types of Evidence Accepted in Defamation Proceedings?

    I exposed my wife's extramarital affair through a social media post. I found out about her affair on my mother-in-law's mobile. My wife disclosed everything about her affair during a chat conversation with her mother. I made a video recording of those chat conversations between my wife and my...
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    NSW Alcohol and Drugs - Help with Stepchild's Welfare?

    Hi, I need some help. A bit of background: I have a 6-year-old child/stepchild whom my partner has equal custody with his stepson's mother. My partner and I also have an 18-month-old together, so it is my stepson's half-sister. There has been a lot of questionable things happening at the...
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    How to access a closed social media account

    hello everybody Thanks for the Forum. I hope I’m not asking a question already covered but I haven’t been able to find the answer is my searches. How do I obtain legal access to Facebook/social media posts by a closed group probably administered by a hostile neighbour? The background is...
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    NSW Help with Child Support Assessment Challenge?

    Hi all Looking for some help from people with experience with child support payment assessment challenges. I've been paying child support for the last two years. I pay a lot of money each month ($1300) but have never refused payment or even questioned the amount, despite possibly having a...
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    NSW Defamation of Business on Social Media?

    What legal rights as a business owner do I have if a person gives a bad review on social media (especially when the person has never been there)? The defamation has and is causing my ratings to drop? Help?
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    VIC Social Media - Company contacting employer

    Hi Thanks for reading my question :) I have been recently through a situation with an Australian retailer and I am seeking your views. I criticised (without swearing) an Australian retailer on a social media network. They tried to discuss the matter but I didn’t follow up with the retailer on...
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    NSW Setting up a complaint website and taking to social media

    I recently had some personal belongings shipped over in a large box from the UK to Sydney by a well know shipping agent, but they have since lost the box and declared it missing after it cleared customs. They have since offered me a pitiful amount by way of ex-gratia compensation to which I...
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    VIC Stalking - What to Do if Stalker is in Another Country?

    Hi there, I'm not sure where this question might go, hopefully here is okay. The question I have is, if one is getting stalked and severely harassed online from someone outside of Australia, can one seek help from Victorian police, or is this a case of "there's nothing we can do to help?"...