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A Separation (Persian: جدایی نادر از سیمین‎ Jodaí-e Nadér az Simín, "The Separation of Nader from Simin") is a 2011 Iranian drama film written and directed by Asghar Farhadi, starring Leila Hatami, Peyman Moaadi, Shahab Hosseini, Sareh Bayat, and Sarina Farhadi. It focuses on an Iranian middle-class couple who separate, the disappointment and desperation suffered by their daughter due to the egotistical disputes and separation of her parents, and the conflicts that arise when the husband hires a lower-class caregiver for his elderly father, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease.
A Separation won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2012, becoming the first Iranian film to win the award. It received the Golden Bear for Best Film and the Silver Bears for Best Actress and Best Actor at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival, becoming the first Iranian film to win the Golden Bear. It also won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film. and the Asia Pacific Screen Award for Best Feature Film. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, making it the first non-English film in five years to achieve this.

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  1. D

    WA Amicable Separation 6yrs ago - debt accrued post separation who is responsible for what?

    I separated from my husband six years ago and it has been amicable. When I left him he was relatively debt free except for the mortgage on the family home. I have since learnt that he has accrued considerable debt (approx $100K) with no assets to show for it and I'm scared that I will be...
  2. O

    ACT Joint finance and ownership with expartner

    #1 Joint finance and joint registration of car with former partner. She has been paying the finance since we seperated. I now need a new car loan for myself so I need to get my name off the previous finance (car not in my possession anyway). How can I get off the finance and registration if...
  3. C

    Protection for a friend from abusive ex

    Hi all I will keep it as brief as I can but I am a concerned friend and wanting some advice. My best friend's husband decided to leave her a few month ago, they have three kids. He was always abusive during the marriage and since separating, he is ramping it up. We now know he has a partner...
  4. Sammy223

    NSW Doctine of separation of power

    The doctrine of separation of powers: a. is based on the principles of the British Westminster system b. states that the three branches of government - judical, executive and legislative - should be independent of each c. states that three should be checks and balances on those who govern us d...
  5. D

    VIC Separation under 1 year

    I have been married ( overseas ) for under 1 year. we have been together ( partner ) 6 months back before that partner was overseas . In the last six months it only went downhill. Have been separated under same roof. Partner is moving overseas back soon. What are my next steps 1) If they move...
  6. D

    VIC Separation for under 1 year marriage

    We have been married for 9 months it was overseas so had lived two months i being here and girl being overseas, no child, or no assets together. We started living together for past six months but and now my partner is moving overseas.We have been separate under same roof for more than a...
  7. S

    Visa subclass 100 and separation

    Hi guys, I'm married to an Australian citizen. I hold partner visa subclass 100, I've been living in Australia for 8 months now. We are married for over 2 years, been in a relationship for 6 years. Recently we decided that we want to seperate. Do I have any chance to stay in Australia? Do I have...
  8. L

    cash settlement sum to be paid out within 2 years in financial separation

    Hi everyone, I am having consent order with my ex for the financial settlement. I am wondering if cash settlement sum to be paid out within 2 years in financial separation is possible. I am paying 50k to my ex, but hoping to split it in 2 years term. Thank you in advance.
  9. JHamilton

    QLD Separation certificate

    I had a 12mth contract for a part time position of 20hrs a week. The terms of the position changed and they wanted someone fulltime, the position was to be advertised and I could apply if I wanted to. Due to health issues I could not work full time so I did not apply. I was given a months...
  10. milsy22

    QLD Separation Certificate - misconduct

    I recently resigned (29 June 2020) without notice due to problems with a line manager (in Perth), a known bully who has been the cause of many acrimonious departures. I had been discussing my reasons for leaving with the local State Manager, who agrees this person is a problem, but no-one had...