VIC School Canteen Charging Seniors More - Scam?

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10 October 2015
my school canteen charges more for us senior students and less for the juniors. We pay 1-2 dollars extra. A burger is 5 dollars for us and 4 for the juniors. The meals don't change in size or anything, all the same but we get charged more.

I believe they made their logic as "since 13-16 year old don't care about what money is spent on really and since us seniors work and make money we can charge more on them". This is legit scam, taking our money because "we work" or "we are seniors".

I asked on other forums and was told if I warn the principal with a letter. I can get me kicked out/ suspended. I'm not sure who is in charge of the canteen money but this is bullcrap and a scam.

PS- Melbourne Victoria.


Well-Known Member
11 October 2015
Hi Chronicle,

My suggestion would be to write a letter to the principle and/or try and take it up with the organiser of the canteen.
If there is many of your peers with the same view, you could even try to write a petition.

I don't believe you should be kicked out or suspended for taking such action. Anti-Discrimination laws would support your case as it does not seem fair to set a price for the same product based on what age you are.