NSW Mortgage Broker Threatening and Trying to Extort Me - What to do?

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1 February 2015
Hi all,
See email below received from mortgage broker. He is trying to extort money from me and contacting after hours. I have done nothing but try to get a hold of this broker for the past three weeks and then he sends me this email last night. I don't know what he means by false documents and not speaking to the solicitor I have been working with her on settlement?

"I am emailing you because all of a sudden you have vanished off the face of this earth.
I was able to locate your place of worship, and I was going to contact them to request your where about and also see what they know about you and your husband and family, but I thought I would do the ethical thing and request you make contact with us in a moral and ethical way with kindness and politeness to explain your actions.

We are now well aware of what has happened and I cannot allow you not to contact your solicitor and ensure they are paid for their work rendered. Furthermore, you fudged the transfer to buy time, which I took as an absolute insult especially when you promised to honour your word. I know many many people of the Islamic faith and you have not done yourself justice in representing what true Islamic faith is all about. You would honestly be making your family and close group of friends a lack of respect by drawing negative news about your actions not only over the last few months, but also the last few years.

I told you (I believe) several times that I would not judge you, and I would help you sincerely so long as you are honest to me. But I find myself in a position where I must now attention your disloyalty to professional organisations such as banks & financial institutions. And because this information only came to hand now, I am now obliged to report it to the authorities. I will not divulge what I am referring to, however you are aware of what you have done in your past, and I too am now well aware without elaborating any further. If you wish for this to not cause you any complications I expect you will make contact with me until this is sorted out. You cannot expect to deploy the services of people and walk away without any responsibility. That is equivalent of theft within a major department store and walking out without paying. If you make contact with me BEFORE END OF BUSINESS THIS MODAY, I will consider being favourable to you as opposed to a course of action that will occur externally within Government Bodies. It is certainly not my objective to cause stress or financial harm upon you or your family. However I will not allow anyone treat the firm or myself in a manner than could be considered intellectually offensive, especially without consequence after the many many discussions we had about loyalty. Without loyalty in this world, you have nothing.
Should you do neglect to call, I will have absolutely no choice, and I mean NO CHOICE but to act in within the full scopes of the law as we have done on many many instances for other people who have attempted to avoid their legal obligations within the contracts and application forms you have signed to date. Some of our actions will be of legal nature, and others of collection techniques within your circle of friends, work associates, electoral role contacts, as well as liasioning with persons whom know of you and can assist us to serve you with bankruptcy documents. If we cannot serve you with these, we will simply proceed without your consent with court orders.
I don’t want you to contact us later on and complain asking why we did this, because I have given plentiful opportunities for you to be open and honest with us.
Should you not make contact with me by the end of business hours on Monday morning; the following will be done without further notice. Further procedures will be followed that are not listed below, this is just a guide.
(Note that the loan documents you have in your possession have been cancelled effective immediately, and unless we are contacted, we will not be re activating this. We have actually had to advise the creditor in question about potential fraud)

An immediate caveat over your real-estate will be lodged without consent over your property preventing the sale, refinance, or transaction further, in addition to caveators' already listed.
Contact to your current lender advising them of your lack of duty of disclosure to them when the application was initially submitted to them some years. ago, there after requesting further fraud department investigation both from financial institutions, and police. Permission was granted for financial information exchange between institutions per your signatures that appear.
Email your employers, current and past advising them of your requirement to make contact with us regarding collection matters, this is not just limited to healthlink, but also further employment history we have recovered.
Facebook spamming within your group of friends who we have also downloaded already via an external independent account and send request for any whereabouts of you to be reported to us with an incentive offered to anyone who comes forward with service details.
Explanation in all communications of your financial vulnerability to all financial institutions Australia wide of your financial distress via immediate internal affairs memo which is circulated within credit watch departments across the country stopping any settlements within a moment’s notice, not contravening the credit code.
We will lodge immediate default with credit reporting agencies and place a creditor watch on your activities.
Forward data to the ATO to justify an internal audit of you and your partners’ financial affairs.
Advise the [Moderator redacted - Community Guidelines privacy] Police fraud squad of your activity that we had no idea about and were offered false documentation that was only discovered.
You will according to law be issued with an affidavit of service.
Even if you are not able to be served, we will enter admission of claim
We will be granted in the court a default notice
We will file for property seizure, and order of sale of any goods and land
When located, we will send the Bailiff to attend your premises, and make note of assets
And finally, an application to bankrupt you will be obtained, which will affect your ability to obtain any services, or gain employment without the need to enter agreement to garnish your salary.
This is just protocol we commence with as rule of thumb. There is further legal action that we do enforce that I cannot disclose at this stage.

I honestly think it’s in your best interest to make contact with us, and try resolving the matter without further repercussions.
There is no point to contact your former lawyer, or mortgage approval, as they both have been put on notice to a: not act for you any longer, and b: cancel the mortgage documentation and settlement. This has already been done. But we haven’t yet done the above so we can give you the opportunity to call us and give us updated details, and make immediate attempt to resolve this matter. And we must advise you, we cannot accept any responsibility and inability to resolve as your method. We expect courtesy to respect our intelligence otherwise we will move straight ahead after the close of business on Monday.

We do genuinely wait for your kind contact. If no one is available to take your call, this isn’t reason to avoid your obligation. You must keep calling, or leave contact details that you will answer before end of business. We know every trick in the book, as we deal with these types of people all the time. But also, we do have a heart, IF WE ARE TREATED WITH RESPECT... we do understand people have problems in life. But, what we expect is that we are shown the same amount of honesty & loyalty as we offered you. If we are granted this, maybe, and I say only maybe, we can avoid such consequences. However if you continue to act in this manner, I have no option, none, other than pursuing the noted. A lot of the above may prove fruitless, however we are well aware that many people wish to not bring such heat or further attention on themselves.
I’m really sorry, but this is your final request..

I await your kind response

John R

Well-Known Member
14 April 2014
Hi @Gemma,
The story is a bit hard to follow. However:
  1. If you believe that your personal safety is in danger, you should immediately contact the Police.
  2. You may also consider making a formal complaint about the mortgage broker's conduct. Without knowing the mortgage broker's business and their complaints process, the ASIC MoneySmart website has general information on "How to complain" that may assist you.
Hope this helps. Please keep us updated with your progress.