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A tax return is the completion of documentation that calculates an entity’s income earned with the amount of tax payable to the government, government organisations or to potential taxpayers.Specific tax forms are intended to be used by taxpayers, or private entities that are required to report information on the tax liabilities together with income earners, businesses and companies. Tax revenue is used by governments to grant sums of money to communities, including military, education, hospitals and infrastructure.

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  1. Rebecca Gesler

    QLD Unpaid Taxes by Employer - Tax Return Help?

    My name is R G and I am making an enquiry on behalf of my husband K. When he completed his tax return this year, it was revealed that his previous employer had not been paying his taxes, which was being deducted by the employer & his wife. There were also regular incidents where he worked far...
  2. T

    VIC Ex Owes Me Child Support - Help with Child Support Agency?

    Ok. First-time poster. My ex-husband owes 100k in child support. I have received maybe 2 grand in 11 yrs. I regularly ring Child Support Agency to see what’s happening and always the same answer. We can’t get any payments, cannot find a source of income. He is a qualified boilermaker working in...
  3. 1

    WA Pay to Inherit Property - Tax Obligations?

    Here's an interesting one. If someone is paying me a weekly amount on a property with the promise of inheriting it at the end. Then do I have to declare their payments as income? What are my tax obligations?
  4. D

    QLD Backdating child support payments due to late tax return lodgement

    I applied for child support in august 2018 and as my ex hadnt lodged his tax return for the 17/18 financial year, the assessment was made on his 16/17 return. I know his 17/18 return will have his income significantly higher (from 25K to 95K), once he eventually lodges it and there is an...
  5. M

    NSW Claiming Child Support Backpay - What to Do?

    I have been paying child support now for 5 years whilst the teen lives with the other at a rate of $300/week. Wage is garnished to ensure it's all paid on time every time. We have just received notification that, due to ex not filling her tax return, ex significantly underreported income for...
  6. K

    NSW Child Support Overpayment - What to Do?

    Good morning, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with child support overpayments? Long and involved story - but my ex husband believes I owe him $15k in overpaid child support as in the first couple of years of our separation, he overestimated his income. He actually didn't - it was...
  7. E

    NT Property Settlement - Forced to Resign and Relinquish Shares?

    Hi, I am currently going through family circuit court proceedings in regards to children's matters and property settlement. My ex and I were together since 2005 and have incorporated his sole trader business to a PTY LTD in Nov 2005. I am currently still company secretary and 50% shareholder...
  8. C

    VIC Issues with ATO and Bankruptcy - Help?

    Here's my situation: I have an income tax balance liability, which I need to repay by 1. August. I am expecting an income tax refund for the past financial year (2018), the refund won't cover the liability fully, there will be a couple of hundred dollars left as liability, which won't present a...
  9. B

    NSW Disputing Child Support Assessment?

    Hi, My ex recently filed for a change of assessment with child support. Her contention is that I am misrepresenting my true income. In the initial decision by CSA, the assessor had a brain fart and somehow just didn't see my up to date and filed Tax Returns (personal and business). So she has...
  10. J

    QLD Property Settlement - Entitled to Family Trust and Assets?

    Hi there, I am trying to assist a friend with getting to the bottom of his property settlement /divorce with his ex-wife. He has had legal advice, to which ended up too much for the solicitor, who said he’d need a forensic accountant on board, just not an option with finances at the moment...