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    VIC Buying home after separation

    Hello, experts. A friend got separated and had about 50k in the property pool. The finance settlement is going on. Assuming that the divorce is granted in the due course, there can be two scenarios: 1. The finance matter is settled. 2. The finance matter is still going on. Considering the case...
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    QLD Can I Sue the Bank Through QCAT?

    We have applied for a Construction home loan with Clickloans. We were informed that the bank approved for a Conditional. But after that the bank informed us that an Unconditional approval had been declined. It was so unreasonable for the reasons given, as all of them should be already verified...
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    VIC Bank Opened Home Loan in Error - Demand a Formal Letter?

    Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, but I'm a little confused. Three weeks ago, I checked my internet banking to find the bank had loaded a home loan onto, in excess of $400,000. This was a bit shocking to me as I no longer own a house. I called them up and they were...
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    NSW Credit Corp Questionable Conduct - What to Do?

    Hi all, In desperate need of help please. Credit corporation took out a garnishee order which I questioned. They only provided a Deed of Assignment. They advised that they had followed all legal requirements and that the debt related to a bank loan I took out back in the 80's. When...
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    SA Property Investment - Changing Property from Occupier to Investor?

    I have been living in a home I purchased last year. I would to rent the home out and change it to a property investment I went to the bank to change my loan over to investor. They said I can leave it as owner occupier and pay a lower interest rate. They said this was possible as I don't have...
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    QLD What to Do About Home Loans if I Move Out?

    Hi My wife and I have recently gone through a separation but we own our home and have 2 kids. She has asked to move out and I have said no. I have given her 2 choices: either she buys me out and we go our separate ways or we sell. She does not have the money to buy me out and does not want to...
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    VIC Property Law - Evicting Father from Property?

    I bought a property 3.5 years ago by getting a home loan and using some money 'gifted' to me by my parents. My parents separated 11 months ago. My father moved out of the family home and moved into my vacant house where he has been living since. Originally I was ok with this as I was still on...
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    VIC Getting Evicted from House We Paid Mortgage On?

    Hi, I have booked in to see a solicitor about this, but I can't get in till next week and I am wondering if someone could give me some help on where I stand. 4 years ago, my husband and I were renting and with two children, couldn't manage to save any money towards buying a house. My father (...
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    QLD Lenders Put Caveat on My Property?

    Help needed. I was to settle on a property subject to sale of mine, recently. My home (the one I was selling) had only just gone under contract and the settlement on the property I was buying was due. The sellers of the one I was buying did not grant an extension and were demanding settlement...
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    VIC Property Settlement - Should I Provide 8 Years of Financial Record?

    My ex has now hired a solicitor and has responded to my proceedings in the Federal Circuit Court. I understand that we will be ordered to provide full and frank disclosure. My ex is convinced that for a period of approx 8 years (at least from what a mutual friend, that tried to mediate between...