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Car finance refers to the various financial products which allow someone to acquire a car, including car loans and leases.

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  1. J

    Form 12 - Car Transactions

    Hello, I have a question regarding the Form 12 below Now on this form is...
  2. C

    QLD How to Get Car Back from Ex?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this. I'm trying to find out what I can actually do to have my car returned from an ex who the Police put an order on me against. I purchased a car couple years ago under car finance only in my name, but the ex's car at the time was stuffed, it was no good, so on...
  3. B

    NSW Ex Driving Car That is Under My Name?

    Hi, I split with my ex-partner and she is driving a car I brought, which I allowed her to drive while we were together. She was making repayments on the car while together but once we broke up, she stopped so I had to keep paying it. The car is registered in my name and the car finance is in...
  4. F

    VIC Final Determination by FOS - VCAT as an Option?

    Hi, I have a dispute with 1 of the big 4 banks in 2018 from a debt I had with them in 2015. The bank stated I was sent a notice that if the debt was not paid I would get a default against my name. Long story short, here's a quick summary: Bank puts default against my name. I was not living...
  5. A

    QLD Help with Car Purchase Contract Issues?

    Hi all, Looking over our contract my wife signed for the purchase of a new car, there is a clause that worries me. We discussed not using the dealer's car finance as it was variable based on your personal circumstances which was fine and said we would obtain our own finance. However, I am...
  6. B

    WA Stuck Paying Car Finance for Ex - What to Do?

    Hi everyone. I'll keep this as clear as possible I promise. My (now ex) long-term partner (de facto) had bad credit but needed a vehicle to continue work. We purchased a ute from a dealership, put the car under his name and both signed for the finance. We have since split up, but at the time...
  7. C

    NSW Bought a Car under Car Finance - What to Do?

    Hi, I bought a car not knowing it was under car finance. Now the finance company are wanting to repossess the car off me. i paid cash for the car. Can I sue the previous owner for the funds as I am out of pocket? Thanks
  8. P

    NSW car finance more then $7500

    Can I buy car more then $7500 during my bankrapcy period
  9. M

    VIC Second hand vehicle purchased - engine trouble same day

    Hello Last week I purchased a car through finance from a private seller and on the day that I took it home, I experienced issues with the car not turning on, when I finally managed to turn it on it was jerking up and down the road and the car had difficulty getting past 50k. I called the owner...
  10. C

    NSW Default Joint Car Finance with Ex - What to Do?

    Hi there, I have left domestic violence situation almost two years ago now. In the time that I dealt with domestic violence, he has forced me into getting a joint car finance loan with him. I was not working nor had or have an income. I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old, there is an AVO to...