VIC Grandfather Diagnosed with Dementia - Were Transfer Papers Signed Legal?

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21 March 2017

My grandfather was diagnosed with dementia in February 2016. His daughter was there when finding out but she did not tell the rest of family or his son. He had a fall in September and at the hospital we were told he had full dementia and cannot care for himself or make decisions so will need to go to an aged care home.

My Aunty took my grandfather to VCAT Novemeber 1st 2016 to try to win power of attorney but it was dismissed until December after meditation was required. By December in VCAT, the decision was made that an independent solicitor will be power of attorney. That's all good.

But on the 26th November, she has approached my grandfather in his aged care home and got him to sign transfer of his vehicle into her name. Is this legal considering there was no power of attorney at that time and also he had been declared with full dementia?