NSW False Imprisonment civil claim

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11 November 2019
As some may know due to previous threads, on 20th January 2020, I was charged with common assault when leaving a licensed premises.

The staff and security claimed I had stolen a bottle of whiskey and was the reason I was detained after I left the premises.

I claimed I was the victim and and any alleged action by me was self defence.

The licensed premises later admitted in court the bottle was not stolen but legitimately purchased by me.

During the encounter, I was grabbed, assaulted and falsely imprisoned, temporary depreived off the botle taken off me until police arrived and placed me into custody. I was transported 500km by correctives in a silver coffin and spent around 10 days in parklea.

Approximately $3000 went missing from my backpack from being restrained from security and placed into custody.

On 7th October I was found not guilty.

Do I have a civil claim for false imprisonment against the licensed premises, security or police? Thanks.