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  1. S.camp4565

    VIC Caught shoplifting at Coles

    Hi Everyone, This morning i was stupidly caught shoplifting at my regular coles. I had been to woolworth prior to the coles a had taken a few things there first. I have no idea why i had done this.. it was stupid i know. Two men in regular clothes stopped me after purchasing a few items and...
  2. K

    NSW Shoplifting at Coles

    Hi, I got caught shoplifting at coles. Not sure how much I had but it was a lot. I got pulled outside of coles by 2 undercover ladies with badges on (I’m not sure if they were police or something else). They were kind enough to let me go, I just had to return al the items and I left like how I...
  3. D

    QLD Shoplifting at coles. Asked to return items. Will they take further actions?

    Hi All. My query relates to being caught shoplifting at Coles recently, value totalling about $40.00 AUD. A regular staff member at checkout asked to check my bag just AFTER I paid for a few items using my bank card and loyalty card. I agreed to let her check my bag and she asked me whether I...
  4. D

    VIC Coles Theft. Their database regulations

    Hi, I was caught for stealing $40 worth of items. They took my ID and a picture of me and made me sign a 12 month trespass notice. There was no police involvement. The security explained that I will be in their database for 12 months. What will this mean? Will my name be completely cleared from...
  5. Mandapandalove468

    NSW Accused of shoplifting at Coles

    Hi everyone, sorry if this is a long post, I just wanted to get some advice. I frequent this Coles every morning to do my shopping for work and dinner and whatnot, it is in the same building as my job. I usually come in with a large bag and another smaller cloth bag as well that I put my...
  6. D

    WA Caught at Self-Checkout for Theft at Coles - Help?

    Hi, Recently, I did something very stupid, which I am ashamed of. I was using the self-check out at Coles and I put a few items through as cheap vegetables about 25$ amount. The rest of items I paid for my total came to about $30. As I was leaving, one of the workers asked to see my receipt. I...
  7. M

    VIC Cautioned by Police for Shoplifting - What Next?

    If you get caught shoplifting at Coles and they get your details to be put in the database (as what the security guard said), how long will it stay there for? And if the police had given a written warning (cautioned), is it a criminal record under your name?
  8. R

    NSW Coles Trespass notice

    Hi. I just received a 12-month trespass notice from Coles because I didn’t realise I had a $2 item hiding in between my reusable bags. As I left the store after paying for my other items, a guy flashed a badge (I assumed he was a police officer) and he questioned me about it. I walked in the...
  9. V

    NSW Caught shoplifting at Coles 2 fines

    Hi all, I was caught shoplifting at Coles earlier worth $18. Once I left the store, a shop assistant asked me to come with him to the back office. There I was questioned by a police and issued a fine of $300 (he gave me a fine ticket just like a speeding fine ticket on the spot). But on top of...
  10. H

    QLD Caught Shoplifting at Coles - Help?

    Help! I was caught shoplifting about $65 worth of things from Coles (Queensland) earlier today. First time ever (last time ever). To be honest, I don’t know why I did it. I’ve been stressed, exhausted and things are tight - still no excuse. I got stopped by 2 plain clothes officers and then...