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  1. H

    Charged with Shoplifting and providing false information to police

    Im freaking out right now, i was just charged today with shoplifting and out of fear i provided a false name to the police. When i realised they were going to hold me for 24 hours as they couldn't confirm my identity, i gave them my real name. The amount was around $100-150. This is my first...
  2. G

    VIC Shoplifting

    hi guy's today it has been the worst day for me for the rest of my life. Today i went to coles to buy a fews things but unfortunately i couldn't pay for what i want to buy. So i only paid what i can and the rest of the item is in my grocery bag. I didn't know there was a private investigator...
  3. K

    VIC Nearly being caught for Shoplifting

    Please help me..... I am so embarrassed and desperate now.i went to chemist shop and I stupidly put a couple of item in my bag it was $20 around worth item.I don’t even know what I was doing I swear it was first time in my life...Then paid for a cheap item$4 with my debit card. But then i got...
  4. F

    Got caught shoplifting at Coles, now what?

    Today I stupidly shoplifted at my regular Coles. I've never done anything like this before, but I had been discussing it with a friend the other day and she was talking about what a thrill it was. I don't know why I decided to try it but I definitely WILL NOT again!!! This is absolutely not...
  5. P

    NSW Accused of Shoplifting

    Hi! My father was recently accused of shoplifting at a supermarket. He had forgotton a few cans of tuna in a separate bag, and was about to pay for them but some undercovers forced him to follow them. The undercovers didn't let him pay, instead they threatened and intimidated my dad by doing...
  6. H

    QLD Shoplifting Ban

    Hi everyone!, I’m just posting on behalf of a scared friend, she’s hoping for some advice regarding shoplifting. She was recently caught shoplifting, by two plain dresses guys who flashed ID’S of some sort. There was no police involvement, just a signed document for a 2 year ban from the...
  7. S.camp4565

    VIC Caught shoplifting at Coles

    Hi Everyone, This morning i was stupidly caught shoplifting at my regular coles. I had been to woolworth prior to the coles a had taken a few things there first. I have no idea why i had done this.. it was stupid i know. Two men in regular clothes stopped me after purchasing a few items and...
  8. K

    NSW Shoplifting at Coles

    Hi, I got caught shoplifting at coles. Not sure how much I had but it was a lot. I got pulled outside of coles by 2 undercover ladies with badges on (I’m not sure if they were police or something else). They were kind enough to let me go, I just had to return al the items and I left like how I...
  9. D

    QLD Shoplifting at coles. Asked to return items. Will they take further actions?

    Hi All. My query relates to being caught shoplifting at Coles recently, value totalling about $40.00 AUD. A regular staff member at checkout asked to check my bag just AFTER I paid for a few items using my bank card and loyalty card. I agreed to let her check my bag and she asked me whether I...
  10. A

    NSW Shoplifting

    A week ago i was caught doing shoplifting worth of $60 at Woolworth by the Security officials they took my details and give a document on which write my details and i have signed that, now yesterday i got a call from police station the officer said that i have to visit him in police station. Can...