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Vehicle insurance (also known as car insurance, motor insurance, or auto insurance) is insurance for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles. Its primary use is to provide financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise from incidents in a vehicle. Vehicle insurance may additionally offer financial protection against theft of the vehicle, and against damage to the vehicle sustained from events other than traffic collisions, such as keying, weather or natural disasters, and damage sustained by colliding with stationary objects. The specific terms of vehicle insurance vary with legal regulations in each region.

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  1. G

    How long is too long to wait for a vehicle repair?

    My vehicle hit a scaffolding foot on the road in mid April. I do not have the details of any other driver to claim against. I have claimed it on my insurance and the insurance company have accepted the claim. My car sustained significant damage the undercarriage and snapped the K-Frame. The...
  2. K

    NSW Car Accident with an Unlicenced Driver - Help?

    I was involved in a car accident with an unlicenced driver. Neither of us are admitting fault and I am receiving intimidating text messages and hassling me to pay their idea of a settlement price as the car was written off. We both didn’t have car insurance and I hit him after he suddenly braked...
  3. M

    QLD Does Ex De Facto Partner Have Rights to Share My House?

    Hi all, I need some help on where to turn next or what to do. I am not sure if I was in a de facto relationship at the end, but we were earlier on in the relationship. Myself and partner - English and Korean (now both Australian Citizens and she came in on my de facto visa - but we broke up...
  4. Europa

    NSW Car Insurance Before Probate

    What is the position of car insurance after the policy holder passes away, but before Probate is granted? I understand that the Executor needs to notify the car insurance company that the policy holder has passed away, but will this leave the car uninsured until Probate is granted some months...
  5. J

    NSW 5 grand in damages on right turn accident, who's at fault?

    Hello I'm hoping someone out there can help me understand exactly who is at wrong when it comes to this accident. The accident happened in busy Sydney traffic at approx. 5:30pm. I was driving home from work happy that the day was finally over, but the last thing that I thought would meet me on...
  6. B

    VIC Can claim be denied if third parties don’t provide documentation that is not relevant to claim?

    A tree fell onto my car whilst parked on private property during a storm and completely wrote it off. The insurance is in my name but the vehicle was in the possession of a friend whom is listed as a regular driver on the policy. The insurance company is demanding a full driving history record...
  7. S

    VIC Minor Car Bump - Contact Car Insurance?

    Hey all, I recently bumped into a car in a car park, which was super minor. Barely moved a foot and bumped into the back corned of a vehicle. I drive a FWD, so it left a couple of scratches. The driver and I exchanged details, and she said not to worry about it. Then, unexpectantly, I got a...
  8. Cookie123

    NSW Car Smashed into Several of Parked Vehicles - Small Claims Court?

    Hi all and thanks in advance, We just had a car smash into several of our parked vehicles, which were parked on the street. 2 of the vehicles had car insurance, but one was unregistered and in the process of getting a blue slip. It looks like 2 of the vehicles will be a write off (1 of the...
  9. B

    WA Car Reverses into Wife's Car - Who is at Fault?

    My wife drove around into another row and there was a car, with the right-hand indicator on (other driver disputes this). My wife has stopped behind his car. The other driver then put his vehicle into reverse. My wife sounded her horn to warn him, but he reversed into her. Who is in the wrong...
  10. C

    QLD Car Park Incident - Car Reversed into Car with Open Door?

    Hi, This might be a tricky one. Currently, the insurance companies are going back and forth. I was parked in the daycare car park. Parked front end in. I was at the passager side front door with my 2-year-old beside me. We had the door open while unpacking her daycare bags. A 4wd Ute started...