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  1. A

    WA car accident at intersection

    my son had a car accident at a intersection,when he approached the intersection at 20 km the lights turned green. he proceeded to move forward , a ute came from his right side and hit the front end on the the driver side. He reported this to the insurance company, and his girlfriend submitted a...
  2. P

    VIC Red light fine dispute. Car accident.

    Hello, In late December I was involved in a nasty car accident. The driver hit my passenger side and smashed my car to peices. I had checked the light before going through and it was definitely green. However while I was trapped in the car, the other driver and her friend began pulling cars...
  3. K

    NSW Car Accident with an Unlicenced Driver - Help?

    I was involved in a car accident with an unlicenced driver. Neither of us are admitting fault and I am receiving intimidating text messages and hassling me to pay their idea of a settlement price as the car was written off. We both didn’t have car insurance and I hit him after he suddenly braked...
  4. J

    NSW 5 grand in damages on right turn accident, who's at fault?

    Hello I'm hoping someone out there can help me understand exactly who is at wrong when it comes to this accident. The accident happened in busy Sydney traffic at approx. 5:30pm. I was driving home from work happy that the day was finally over, but the last thing that I thought would meet me on...
  5. B

    VIC Can claim be denied if third parties don’t provide documentation that is not relevant to claim?

    A tree fell onto my car whilst parked on private property during a storm and completely wrote it off. The insurance is in my name but the vehicle was in the possession of a friend whom is listed as a regular driver on the policy. The insurance company is demanding a full driving history record...
  6. John Jonathan

    QLD Uninsured Minor car accident at intersection

    Im in the process of trying to rebute a claim and the insurance company is saying that im at fault. I solemnly beleive that is not the case though. At the moment im seeking two different options... 1. Take this further up and seek a lawyer for advice and possibly take them to court or 2...
  7. A

    NSW Private car park car accident

    Hey all, Wondering if you could help, while working on my unregistered and uninsured car in a private car park of a block of units, the windscreen repair company called and said they’re on their way that day. I said great come on over! 5 hours later I got sick of waiting and texted him back...
  8. J

    WA Uninsured minor car accident

    I was in a carpark look for the parking lot, a car on my right blocked the way so I reversed. While reversing I scratched the car on the left. I am not sure if that driver was reversing or not (they claimed they did not)and has a passenger as a witness. I gave the driver my contact details and...
  9. L

    NSW Swerved to Avoid Car Accident - Legal Liability?

    Hi, On one too many occasions, I had swerved to avoid some idiots that pull out of somewhere without looking. I was lucky I didn’t swerve into another person or car. But I was wondering, can the person who causes me to swerve have any legal liability if a car accident were to happen? After...
  10. S

    NSW Car accident with Truck

    I (car) had an accident with a Truck where my car was written off and there were very little damages to the Truck. I was uninsured. The weather was extremely bad, hailing and raining at the same time. It was happened on the highway with 2 lanes. I was driving really slow, according to the...