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Claim Jumper Restaurant and Saloon is an American restaurant chain with more than 30 locations. The company is based in Houston, Texas.

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  1. U

    QLD Letter got lost due to sender using wrong address. Can I claim a compensation?

    Good evening. I recently had a consultation with a dentist. I brought hard copies of my Cone Beam Scan and other test results to this consultation. At the end of the consultation they did not give me any hard copies back and I only noticed this when I came home to the Sunshine Coast (dentist is...
  2. H

    NSW Concrete cancer unusual cause insurance claim

    Concrete cancer in coastal areas can be caused by natural long term exposure to the elements. This is not covered by insurance. However, what is the situation when it is caused by a broken pipe or a leak that causes water to be absorbed by the concrete? Is this claimable?
  3. DaniDee

    QLD Equity Claim on behalf of the Estate

    Brief Background I'm currently in contested will proceedings for Testator lacked capacity The named Executor is the applicant for probate but also spouse, EPOA, and has applied for Superannuation as a dependent. I am classed as a beneficiary, but I am taking all the necessary steps to protect...
  4. id83

    SA aggravated assault false claim

    I have been charged with aggravated assault. There is no evidence. she claims i tried to choke her, i was remanded in custody and release on bail after 5 weeks in remand. The police put a interim intervention order in place. My children are not on the order and it says i can contact her via sms...
  5. A

    QLD Can police involved? How can I claim harassment?

    Current status:: kid stayed with father as consent order for school holiday( basic consent order , court case still on going, more details will be mentioned at Registra) . The mother email everyday to father want father facilitate more video calls with kid and want father to showed photo of...
  6. J

    NSW Amended Statement of Claim

    Hi, does anyone have their Amended Statement of Clam posted by the registry/court before? Or received one posted from the registry/court? I filed it online a few days after the original was posted by registry/court, and was told by the registry that both have been sent on the same day + deem...
  7. K

    QLD Perjury - Magistrates Court Civil Claim

    I have a Civil Claim for 'debt' in the Magistrates Court. The defendant, in their filed Defence of the Claim, has knowingly made a false statement which I can prove to be false via documentation. The question being, does that false statement represent 'perjury' or does it need to get into the...
  8. W

    VIC Rare condition after injury at home. Should I use a lawyer for TPD claim?

    I had a terrible accident at home in 2019 and have been unable to work for 18 months now. I have developed a rare condition called Corneal Neuralgia (chronic and intense burning in the eyes and light sensitivity), which is very poorly understood and not widely recognised (although I do have...
  9. F

    QLD Superannuation claim after 17 years

    Hi Everyone. My ex and I signed a consent order for a superannuation split after the divorce 17 years ago. Apparently, the super fund never transferred the agreed-upon balance from my super to hers. Now, 17 years later, she has told me she will be making a claim to get that super transferred...
  10. Andrea Keogh

    VIC How do i claim an abandoned car

    I've found a abandoned car with a. Old canary. How do I claim it?