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Claim Jumper Restaurant and Saloon is an American restaurant chain with more than 30 locations. The company is based in Houston, Texas.

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    Hi, I have a claim going resulting from a car accident 4 years ago. My solicitor had an offer of settlement from the other insurance company but never told me. She refused the offer on my behalf it seems, then advised me go to a CARS meeting to try to get a bigger settlement. This was not to my...
  2. G

    QLD TPD Claim Approved does it create a precedent if i have other claims?

    Last year i submitted 3 identical TPD claims. The three claims were active att the time of my injury. One of my claims has been approved. Because the 3 claims are identical does that mean that the approved one has now created a precedent meaning that the other 2 claims should also be deemed...
  3. C

    QLD mother closing childs claim without me knowing

    Hi, 20 years ago my 2 sons were in a motor vehicle accident, hit by a car on a crossing, 3 yrs and 6 months old, in a pram and walking next to pram, wife at the time not hit. My oldest boys claim was finalised when i was still with the mother. My second sons claim i have just found out has been...
  4. J

    NSW False Imprisonment civil claim

    As some may know due to previous threads, on 20th January 2020, I was charged with common assault when leaving a licensed premises. The staff and security claimed I had stolen a bottle of whiskey and was the reason I was detained after I left the premises. I claimed I was the victim and and...
  5. D

    WA Being accused of lieing on a statement for work.. They are going around saying they have a defamation claim in...

    I have been forced legally to make a statement (Record of Conversation, not so much a formal statement) at work by my employer due to an alleged perceived exclusive relationship between my former boss and someone who works underneath me. Within it I have stated that there were multiple...
  6. S

    NSW Drafting pleadings in a statement of claim in tort

    Hi, I am new here and wondered if someone can answer my questions related to the statement of claim form 3B and the litigation process. My case is complex as it is in intentional torts however I have spent several months researching and I understand the difficulty in following court rules...
  7. H

    NSW Legal claim to child

    A mother leaves after her child is born and the father has raised the child for the child's entire life (6 years). It turns out that he is not the biological father. Does the real biological mother or father have any legal claim to the child if they come back 6 years later, despite the fact that...
  8. B

    TAS Time Limitation on making a fraudulent insurance claim

    Someone I know made an insurance claim over a break and enter where some of his possessions were stolen The insurer either partially paid out or didn't pay out as they thought something was amiss (valuable easy to lift stuff was left behind). He forgot to mention to them that his entire indoor...
  9. A

    Notion of motion to dismiss statement of claim

    I'm writing to seek advice on my current legal matter. Posting from NSW. In 2019 I lodged a statement of claim against a person who stole and maliciously damaged my property. The statement of claim was struck out as the court didn't see it as a statement of claim; instead of keeping to the...
  10. J

    NSW Steps in statement of claim

    Can someone out linre the complete steps in lodging a statement of claim including which court and which forms to use etc. Thank you on advance.