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Claim Jumper Restaurant and Saloon is an American restaurant chain with more than 30 locations. The company is based in Houston, Texas.

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  1. Andrea Keogh

    VIC How do i claim an abandoned car

    I've found a abandoned car with a. Old canary. How do I claim it?
  2. J

    NSW Spelt name wrong on statement of claim. Judgement entered. What can you?

    Spelt name wrong (one letter)on statement of claim. Judgement entered. What can you do?
  3. C

    WA Girlfriends claim for financial security

    Hello. My now ex-girlfriend and I lived together on and off for three years around six years ago. We both owned our own houses but lived in mine which I financially maintained. In the years since we have had an on and off girlfriend/boyfriend relationship, lived in our own houses and own nothing...
  4. J

    NSW Super/TPD claim and tax

    Don't know if this is the right group to ask this question. Have tried calling ATO but had to hang up before I got someone..... my Brother is looking at claiming his super and TPD due to a terminal illness. if he is successful - there are a lot of hoops to jump through to get it - does he pay...
  5. J

    NSW Defamation claim template

    Does anyone have defamation statement of claim that has been lodged in a nsw court so I can check out the form and particulars etc? Thanks.
  6. J

    VIC Anshun estoppel is being used to dismiss Health Records Act claim that followed the Privacy Act claim, because they are too similar. VCAT s75.

    Hi everyone! Anshun estoppel precident is being used to dismiss Health Records Act claim that followed the Privacy Act claim, because they are too similar. VCAT s75 is in play. How do I respond to this? I have some ideas: I can show that the Health Records act is not the Privacy act and that...
  7. S

    NSW income protection claim

    Hi, I am trying to assist a party to progress an income protection claim where by the insurer stopped paying in 2010. The policy is one that continues to pay until 65 or the individual goes back to work... one of the old policies. Yes, i know this should have been addressed before, however the...
  8. T

    NSW HELP, Uncollected goods JB-Hi Fi

    Hi Guys So i need some advice, i bought a TV from JB Hi Fi and there was an issue with it so it was exchanged for a new TV under warranty. The new TV was dropped off and the old TV was supposed to be picked up when the New TV was installed so they could use the new TV's box, this was 5 and a...
  9. O

    NSW Income tax payable on receipt of income protection lump sum payment?

    I have been advised that income tax is payable on an income protection insurance lump sum payment (-legal costs) in the year it is received. Does whether the lump sum was negotiated prior to Court or decided at Court have any bearing how the ATO views the lump sum payment? ie as income in that...