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Claim Jumper Restaurant and Saloon is an American restaurant chain with more than 30 locations. The company is based in Houston, Texas.

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    NSW Faulty Motorbike - Help very appreciated!

    Bought a used motorbike a month ago, a Hyosung 650 gt. haven't driven it since until yesterday in which the bike died. After a checkup at a mechanic, multiple problems were found to which we weren't informed of when buying the vehicle including faulty electrical's, broken voltage regulator and...
  2. M

    ACT Denied warranty claim by dealer - what are the Option's to legal

    May I know how do we go about lodging a case against a dealer to deny a claim under warranty for under body rust cover. I do want to understand what are the legal options I can choose without lawyer and how does lawyers works in this specific case in terms of charges. I do have a case logged...
  3. S

    NSW Time limit for family provision claim

    Hi, there is a limit of 12 months from death ( not grant of probate ) to lodge a family provision claim - yes? I believe that a claim can still be lodged after this period but there would need to be a sufficient cause for this. Can I ask what type of reasons could constitute sufficient...
  4. L

    NT Civil Debt Claim - Service of Application/Summons

    I had a Civil Debt Process proceed against me. The Claimant (I am guessing) sent the Application/Summons to my previous NT Residential Address. (I now live off shore and this was known to the claimant prior to service). The local court has heard the matter and made orders against me. In respect...
  5. J

    QLD Any drawbacks on making a CTP claim

    I was hit by a car last year when I was crossing at a pedestrian crossing. Although no bones were broken or fractured, I suffered severe bone bruising to my both my ankles and my left elbow. I know this sounds cliche but after the accident I have been having problems with my mental health, I get...
  6. P

    QLD Lost work van, keen to claim private car under FWC general protections

    Hi all, If workplace provides a van and is happy for use as a private vehicle, and the work van is the sole and only form of transport, can a Fair Work claim under general protections ask for car registration and ongoing costs for a private car? I can't seem to find any FWC cases involving...
  7. T

    SA Income Protection and PTD Claim

    My son lodged a claim with his income protection insurer after being injured (disc prolapse) on a fishing boat while working. His claim was accepted and he has been paid an income stream for nearly 2 years. He has now lodged a claim for the small PTD portion of the policy as he is unable to go...
  8. T

    VIC Amending a statement of claim

    I am a self-represented plaintiff, the defendant's solicitor asked me to amend parts of the statement of claim as they were "unintelligible" and so I did. Court said I have to get his consent, although I already had it written from him. He did not provide consent, so I have asked for relief to...
  9. D

    TAS Emmminent law claim on my property

    I have recently inherited a House and the next door neighbor is hinting at having imminent domain over part of it. What would that neighbor have to have done to claim that, would the neighbor be required to submit paperwork to me?
  10. S

    Who is at fault who is liable

    If there was an incident where a car reversing in a public car park that was dark and scrapped the front right hand side of another persons parked car because they were over the line that was not painted boldly is it okay for the stationed car to claim insurance when they were parked over the...