QLD What to Prepare and Expect in QCS?

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27 January 2017

New to this whole forum situation! So forgive me if I rave or ask a menial question...

My fiancee is currently serving 18 months with parole eligibility 15/1/17, for an incident involving a car accident (only him&I were involved), however he had 4 months left of his 2 years parole to complete at time of accident which was 3 years ago.

We left state & successfully lived for 3 years interstate without incident, he sought out mental health assistance as the accident was due to a bipolar induced psychosis, & after becoming well again, decided time to return to Brisbane, knowing he would have to serve out his 4 months owing to QCS.

He was arrested & imprisoned Sept 16, whilst in custody police brought charges of reckless dangerous driving Bern magistrate. He only appeared via video link & thought, considering it was only reckless driving, plus I wrote submission to judge,stating he was in psychotic state at time, & medical reports from interstate were submitted, the mag sentenced him further 18 months with eligibility 15/1/17.

He has his QCS panel sitting is today, home assessment has already been done, but concerned what QCS are likely to want to hear/main points/questions they will factor into compiling there report for the board... He hasn't used drugs for the 3 years since psychosis episode, has maintained a normal lifestyle but I'm visiting him this morn, & straight after visit he has his sitting.

And also what are board likely to factor in on making their decision, understand risk to community etc, which he poses none of.

Can anybody give me a heads up as to best most helpful strongest statements to make to QCS in order to achieve a positive outcome?


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31 October 2015

I'm sorry no one answered in time for your fiancé QCS panel. How did he go?