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    VIC .

    What happens to a persons belongings if they have no next of kin or a will, if they committed suicide? They don’t own property, live on govt. pension and are estranged from their blood relations?
  2. L

    QLD Help with Subpoena and Affidavit Wording?

    Hi There, I am a first-time poster and I am just looking for a bit of help, please? I have had sole parental responsibility for my child (7 years old) for almost 3 years now and have recently been served with court papers from the father. He has not contacted us or seen my child in almost 3...
  3. K

    QLD Centrelink - Ways to Acquire the Emancipation of a Minor?

    I am a 16-year-old female currently deemed independent by Centrelink, however, I am not legally deemed independent and my mother still has complete parental rights even though she does not live with me, nor has frequent contact. This has become an issue after a recent stay in a youth psych ward...
  4. M

    WA Personal Injury - Legal Options for In-patient Suicide?

    My son was admitted to a private mental health clinic as a voluntary inpatient. His admitting treating psychiatrist was aware Luke had active and current suicidal thoughts. Under the Mental Health Act WA, Section 15 states a patient should see a medical doctor for a physical examination within...
  5. M

    WA Investigation - Audio Recording of Meeting?

    The circumstances are as follows: My brother committed suicide whilst an inpatient at a private psychiatric hospital. The private psychiatric hospital failed to provide safe and adequate care and breached several of the standards/requirements as provided for in the Mental Health Act 2014...
  6. R

    VIC Family Court - How to Keep Domestic Violence Order in Place?

    My partner and I seperated over 1 year ago and we have a 1 and a half year old son. He was phyically and verbally abusive to me before and after I had our son. He threaten to kill me and our son, stab my mother, smashed our house, he has also self harmed and tried to commit suicide. I filed in...
  7. F

    NSW Police - The Legal Meaning of "Blackmail"?

    Hi, I was asked in 2016, to come & live with an elderly lady (I'll call her Ruth - not her real name). Whilst there, I started to help out that lady's daughter & her husband out on the farm (Maree & John - not their real names.) I had recently lost my wife of 33 years & Maree was helping me...
  8. M

    QLD Breach of 5-Year DVO and Proceedings in Family Court - Help?

    My daughter has been separated from her ex de facto for approx 6 months. She separated after approx 3 years together because the relationship was extremely toxic & abusive. They have a 2.5-year-old child. (She became pregnant within a week of being with him) She also has a 5-year-old whom has...
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    QLD Issues with Final Consent Orders - What to Do?

    Hi, I’m hoping for help on my current situation. My solicitor lodged consent orders in court on the 19th of March which are still not finalised. My ex-husband has now gone to a mediation company to change these orders to increase his time. I have been advised by this company that they have...
  10. J

    QLD Family Court - What to Expect in Ex Parte Hearing?

    Hey guys and girls. I have submitted my Initiating application containing interim and final orders, affidavit, notice of child abuse and a letter to the registrar. I have applied to the Family Court of Australia as my case is more complex than usual. My affidavit / annexes are quite...