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Parole is the early release of a prisoner who agrees to abide by certain conditions, originating from the French word parole ("speech, spoken words" but also "promise"). The term became associated during the Middle Ages with the release of prisoners who gave their word.
This differs greatly from pardon, amnesty or commutation of sentence in that parolees are still considered to be serving their sentences, and may be returned to prison if they violate the conditions of their parole.

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  1. L

    NSW NSW Law Reform - Parole

    Hello, This is my first time on this website and I know that you cannot do my assignment and that is absolutely fine with me. However, my assignment requires me to evaluate the effectiveness of NSW Law Reform on parole pertaining to the 2015 report made by the NSW Law Reform...
  2. Charlotted

    NSW Parole board

    If someone is in custody on breech of ico. An fronting the parole board to have then reinstated would it be beneficial to apply for an appeal of severity before seeing the parole board?
  3. M

    SA Breach on Parole

    Hi, a friend has been arrested for breach of parole conditions ( this is the second arrest for breach) he has been arrested both times for ditties. Does anyone know how long he may be inside for ? Thanks
  4. L

    NSW Probation and Parole

    Can anyone tell me if Probation and Parole have a duty of care to people in their care? I ask in relation to an action in negligence.
  5. G

    NSW Criminal Record - Getting Criminal Convictions Spent or Hidden?

    Hi guys, I was incarcerated in June 2006 for armed robbery and hindering police. I was convicted in district court in 2008, released in June 2010 and was on parole till 2012. Since then, I have walked the yellow brick road without getting into trouble with the law to provide for my family...
  6. A

    WA Will Prison Sentence Show Up on National Police Clearance?

    In 2013, I was convicted in the district court for gbh and sentenced to 8 months in prison. I served half that time and the rest on parole. This was my 1st ever prison sentence. I have 2 questions. 1. Will this show up on a national police clearance and be an issue with employment? 2. In WA...
  7. J

    QLD What happens if you breach a dv order while on parole

    Hi my name is Jane my partner has recently been detained for breach of dv order the order was no contact I told my partner I got the order dropped and he was visiting me one night the police came smashing the door down to check on my safety and arrested him and now his in custody just want to...
  8. J

    NSW Please respond need to know about this for a good friend of mine. Need to help her out with bail

    Can you still get bail while being on parole and a good behaviour bond? Also can you get extradited back to your state
  9. A

    VIC Variation to Parole conditions

    My partner was paroled last week and one of his parole conditions is that he cannot associate with me. I was a witness for the prosecution at his commital hearing. This has blindsighted us as I have been visiting him in prison for the last six years was an authorised visitor for his home...
  10. J

    VIC How to Take Child Protection Order Back to Court?

    Hi :) I need help and someone to point me in the right direction. My children were staying at my parents for the weekend. In that time, my home was deliberately lit on fire. Thank god it was put out when it was or my children and I wouldn't have a home. The following week, I received a phone...