NT New Zealand Citizen on Suspended Sentence - Possible to Fly Back?

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11 September 2016

I am a New Zealand citizen and have been living in Australia for about 4 Years on the NZ special visa.

Recently I was convicted of some drug possession charges and social supply in the NT. I served 33 days in prison and the rest of my sentence was suspended (12 months). I am under a supervision order and am not allowed to leave the town I reside in without parole officer permission.

I am desperate to get back home as I have no job, money, ability to receive benefits and am suffering severe mental health problems. I was hoping to be deported but since my sentencing last month I have heard nothing from immigration and it seems unlikely deportation will be happening.

My situation is becoming increasingly desperate.

My question is; is there any way I can get back home or escape the country? I would like to do this legally if possible (can I ask to be deported?) but as the situation progresses I wonder if I could make a run for it and fly back home. I don't care if this is a breach of my order as I never intend to return.

I have my passport back and can secure enough funds for a flight. Will I be stopped at the airport and arrested? I do not wish to go to jail for 12 months so if there is any risk, I would not even attempt it.

Really I need to know if when I go through the airport, will the system tell them I'm on a suspended sentence and therefore not allowed to leave or will I make it through and only have to worry if I attempted to return to Australia?

I know this is not a good thing and I should face up to what I have done but I just don't know how I am going to make it through as when my limited funds run out, I will be homeless and most likely dragged off to prison anyway. Is there any way out of this predicament or am I basically just screwed and going to have to deal with what happens?

I have already attempted suicide once in the last 14 days and landed myself in resuscitation for 6hrs then ICU for 2 days but unfortunately survived and was released back to the community (parole officer wasn't too concerned). I also have no friends or family residing in Australia.

Any help is appreciated....



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31 October 2015
Your best bet is to contact the New Zealand High Commission and request assistance. Discuss your mental health and the need for family support back home. There may be a method of transferring your suspended sentence to be carried out in New Zealand. You can contact the High Commission on:
Email: [email protected]
Website URLwww.nzembassy.com/Australia

I hope you get it sorted.