TAS Drugs Charge - Second Offence

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29 April 2015
About 14 months ago my partner was driving and had a drug test taken which came up with a very small amount of cannabis in his system, he hadn't been smoking it himself but had been in a room full of others doing it and that's what he plans to say in court which is in 2 weeks time. During this time he hadn't been able to work and has also been diagnosed with depression and has been on mediation + has been seeing a psychologist for the past 3 months.

His lawyer has told him it's an easy case and he'll get a payout for not being able to work for this amount of time and compensation for his mental health. His doctor had also suggested to him (he has this in writing) that he could smoke marijuana of a night to calm him down.

Today, he had a random drug test while driving today and they found a small amount of drugs still in his system from about 18 hours before. What im asking is will this affect his court case in the coming 16 days? And because of his mental state can the court case for the second offence be brought forward at all so he can start working again or could it be another year until it appears in court also?

Thanks in advance everyone.

Victoria S

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9 April 2014