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    NSW Drug Test Issued by Family Court?

    What drug test do they usually issue at Family Court? I have been told it could be urine or hair follicle? I'm clean gave up weed in January, don't do anything else and it was on an occasional smoke anyway, but I don't think my ex will be and he has done weed, cocaine, MDMA and ice before. A...
  2. A

    VIC False Positive Drug Test at Work - Help?

    Recently, l was taken for a random drug test at work. it's not the usual process but l was taken for a urine sample. At the car, the worker testing me said love tested positive. .. I said that's not possible can l see the result ( where she just flashed her phone at me for a second ) the test...
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    WA Employment Drug Test Questions

    Hi, I have recently started doing deliveries for a company on a pushbike, I have completed all my training and had started doing deliveries for 1 week when I then received a call from a pre-employment agency telling me that I need to come in for a physical, it was then booked, I still at this...
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    QLD Complying with Drug Test - What to Do?

    Hey everyone, We have been given orders to do hair follicle drug testing. I requested this drug test for both parties as I will have no trouble passing and the other party will fail. The test should give results dating back a minimum of 3 months but could go back to 9 months. In my initiating...
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    QLD Am I able to get my daughter back after father kept her - no legalities in place

    My ex partner and I were together for a total of 7 years. We have a 5 year old daughter. We split in 2015 (I left him) and since the split we have been on good terms and have had an informal agreement in place of 50/50 care for our daughter. 2 months ago on his “on” days - he engaged in lawyers...
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    WA Failed roadside drug test

    Hi there, I've recently failed a roadside drug test. Will I get a criminal record or is it just a traffic offence? Can I still get a police clearance?
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    WA failed drug test can I still get a police clearance?

    Hi there, I've recently failed a roadside drug test. Will I get a criminal record or is it just a traffic offence? Will I be able to still get a police clearance?
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    NSW Being Forced to Undergo Drug Test by Police?

    Hi all, Recently, me and a friend were dragged out of a festival for smoking cigarettes (indoors so obviously not allowed) and brought to a room with police, security and a drug safety team, among other questionable occurrences like phones and food being taken off people. The main issue I...
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    VIC Job Offer Retracted After Employment Contract was Signed?

    My son recently went for a position whereby he was required to do several tests - i.e. weld test - physical and a drug test. The drug test showed up Valium, which he'd already stated on the drug test questions, stating he'd been prescribed for a pulled muscle in his back he sustained several...
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    QLD Positive hair follicle test - will my ex partner still have access?

    Hi there, My ex partner and I were ordered to do hair follicle drug testing at our last directions hearing. It was ordered the test be performed within 35 days. I did mine within that timeframe and my screen was negative as expected. However, my ex partner shaved his head and did the test 65...