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DV is a format for storing digital video. It was launched in 1995 with joint efforts of leading producers of video camera recorders.
The original DV specification, known as Blue Book, was standardized within the IEC 61834 family of standards. These standards define common features such as physical videocassettes, recording modulation method, magnetization, and basic system data in part 1. Part 2 describes the specifics of 525-60 and 625-50 systems. The IEC standards are available as publications sold by IEC and ANSI.
In 2003, DV was joined by a successor format HDV, which used the same tape format with a different video codec. Some cameras at the time had the ability to switch between DV and HDV recording modes.
All tape-based video formats are increasingly obsolete as tapeless HD cameras recording on memory cards, hard-disk drives, and optical discs have become the norm, although the DV encoding standard is sometimes still used in tapeless cameras.

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  1. M

    QLD Ex in new relationship. DV in front of our son.

    My ex re-partnered a month after we broke up and started living with her immediately. He/they wanted shared custody of our young son immediately but I was concerned that it was too early for our child to be a part of a new family unit/dynamic. I was also concerned that the relationship wouldn't...
  2. S

    QLD Dv relationship and parenting orders

    Hi my ex husband has several dv orders against him, we have consent orders for kids they were suspended for 2 months last year due to a failed drug test, he is in another new dv relationship, he has been to court twice for assault/dv breaches latest being this week. I’m worried for my children...
  3. C

    NSW What if the prosecution lied...?

    I am the victim in a DV case with my ex and on the court day, I wasn’t well, rang the detective involved and told him I wasn’t well but he said I still had to attend so I did. Then I find out later on that he stood up in court and said that I wasn’t there and could it be adjourned I sat in that...
  4. jaxemjay

    NSW Domestic violence police charges

    Partner has following charges going through court for domestic violence. He has had a few previous issues 15years ago and was given 200hours community service for this. Would the following charges put on by the police be looking at jail time? How much time? Could a good lawyer get him off jail...
  5. K

    FalseStatement common assault DV T2 case

    I had an altercation with my ex partner last year. We had a fight and I stormed out and reached out to the police. They took a report from me which frankly I did not understand that it means the matter will be out of my hands and me not wanting to press charges will not mean anything. I was...
  6. B

    QLD Absent Father - Making Threats CS

    LONG POST!! When my child was 6 months old, my ex partner committed a series of assaults against me in NZ, I contacted the police who issued a temporary protection order and courts found him guilty of multiple counts of MAF. Once he was convicted, he took off to Australia. He did not contact...
  7. jaxemjay

    NSW DV Access to Children Letter

    I have received lawyers letter and saying I have 14days to reply or they will go to litigation. Can I write my own response? (I am waiting to see if approved for legal aid) Due to the seriousness of the charges, crimes committed in the presence of the children and the ADVO order the police have...
  8. C

    VIC DV Strangulation and threats to kill. Mental impairment?

    I have been with my partner for about 12 months. He was sexually abused as a child and as a result has quite complex mental health issues including at times anger/rage/blackouts/selfharm and suicide attempts. At the start of August he went to court for assaulting a business owner- he got put on...
  9. J

    QLD What happens if you breach a dv order while on parole

    Hi my name is Jane my partner has recently been detained for breach of dv order the order was no contact I told my partner I got the order dropped and he was visiting me one night the police came smashing the door down to check on my safety and arrested him and now his in custody just want to...
  10. L

    SA DV and relocation in court

    Hi there, I'd like to keep this as short as possible but I am just curious what I may be facing with my situation in a court room. I ended my relationship with my ex husband about 3 years ago due to domestic violence, his outbursts began to be directed at the 3 children and I had to put an end...