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  1. Ted Sherwood

    ACT Who can complete an advance care directive under the Mental Health Act 2015

    In the ACT a power of attorney doesn't cover treatment for mental illness. A separate direction is required. The Mental Health Act 2015's sections on advance care directives implies that one doesn't complete such a directive until one has a mental health condition. So does the ACT Mental...
  2. M

    WA Personal Injury - Legal Options for In-patient Suicide?

    My son was admitted to a private mental health clinic as a voluntary inpatient. His admitting treating psychiatrist was aware Luke had active and current suicidal thoughts. Under the Mental Health Act WA, Section 15 states a patient should see a medical doctor for a physical examination within...
  3. M

    WA Investigation - Audio Recording of Meeting?

    The circumstances are as follows: My brother committed suicide whilst an inpatient at a private psychiatric hospital. The private psychiatric hospital failed to provide safe and adequate care and breached several of the standards/requirements as provided for in the Mental Health Act 2014...
  4. W

    QLD Signing Documents While Under Involuntary Treatment Order - Recourse?

    Whilst under an involuntary treatment order under the Mental Health Act Queensland, I signed the proceeds of the sale of my portion of the house to the ex-wife. I also took emergency superannuation payments totalling about 60000 covering her mortgage arrears. Can I get my money back?
  5. C

    VIC DV Strangulation and threats to kill. Mental impairment?

    I have been with my partner for about 12 months. He was sexually abused as a child and as a result has quite complex mental health issues including at times anger/rage/blackouts/selfharm and suicide attempts. At the start of August he went to court for assaulting a business owner- he got put on...
  6. D

    NSW AHPRA Registration - Disclose Dismissed Charges of Criminal History?

    A few years ago, I was charged with assault causing actual bodily harm. These charges were dismissed under a section 32, mental health act and no finding or admission of guilt was given. Since this time I have studied to become a podiatrist. I have had my criminal record check for uni and...
  7. Leah_m

    NSW Mental Health Defence for Child Abuse Material?

    Hi all, I'm just after some explanation on the process of Criminal Law and The Mental Health Act. I reported my partner (at the time, now ex-partner) for possession of child pornography. I am a witness for the police. The police immediately seized all his devices with my permission. When he...